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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by _Angel_1991, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. _Angel_1991

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    Because of a post in the lounge I am writing this.
    Is it right to kill for those you love? Everyone will agree that dying for someone is good, but how about killing? Your thoughts please...
  2. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member


    Killing for love - never.
    Killing out of necessity to protect those you love - you bet.

    I have no qualms about taking the life of someone who threatens me or mine. It is not a matter of morality or right/wrong - it all boils down to instinct and self preservation.

  3. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    One word, survival, you threaten me, I will threaten you back, you try to kill me, I am going to try and kill you, to kill to protect like Bleys said, Heck YEAH!

    First off, if you come after me or anyone I love and you are nothing of importance to me, cause if your mindset is to kill, then be ready to reap the reprocussions of your actions.
  4. _Angel_1991

    _Angel_1991 Premium Member

    But would your loved one really want you to become a murderer? You think that the person will kill your loved one, but what if it is a bluff? Then you killed someone who never really wanted to kill anybody, but was frightened and so had to make a threat...
    This is a hard thing to talk about...
  5. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    I didnt mean to go off there on that one, just I have lost family members to others who didnt care and they basically got away with it, I mean, to murder someone and only get 3 yrs jail time, yes there is probation, but what good is that, they still got away with it.

    And NO, my loved ones wouldnt want that, but, in order to protect you must do what you have too, self defense or defending someone else from the demeanor of someone else's actions.

    Not to get this into a debate, but criminals haev more rights than the innocent, its BS in my book and its all thanks to legislation, lawyers looking to make a name and others who contributed to all these supposed disorders that criminals have which causes them to act they way they did.
  6. bodebliss

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    Are you intentionaly intending to mudy the topic. That is a tactic you know. The original premise is if someone comes after you or yours are you going to kill or cower.

    I'm with Bleys and mscbkc070904. I'm going to kill because survival is a paramount instinct.
  7. _Angel_1991

    _Angel_1991 Premium Member

    I will not cower, but again I say I don't think you got enough info to decide whether to kill or not.
    I have indeed sometimes felt like I had to kill to survive. I felt that it would be bett3er to kick and kick someone in the ribs until the died.
  8. infinite

    infinite Member

    Hmm...this is a hard one. I love my family and girlfriend to protect them, but would i take another life in order to save them? im not sure. Do i love them enough to face prison because i know that they wouldn't want the pain of seeing me go to prison for a crime. If i loved them, i wouldnt hurt them, but if i love them, i would protect them from hurt. Its a tough one.
  9. Gravare

    Gravare Premium Member

    as stated earlier, killing for love is, in my opinion, wrong, but killing to protect the one/ones you love is quite noble. that is, only if the person you are killing has wronged or endangered your loved ones. otherwise, it is murder unjustified, almost.
  10. marg6043

    marg6043 Premium Member

    The only way I will kill another human being, would be out of necessity if my life or my children's lives are danger.

    I think is call preservation.
  11. Nygdan

    Nygdan Member

    Why, who have you killed?

    Its not really a complex issue. Killing for defense is generally acceptable. Doesn't matter if its defending someone you love or someone you don't know.

    Killing 'for love' reads like 'killing to get someone to love you/make the person you love happy/eliminate competition', etc.
    All of which are unacceptable.

    Hows that? What country do you live in where this is often a problem? You say you felt like you needed to. Did you do it or not? If you didn't, then I guess you didn't need to no?
    How in the world is that better? Long before that person died from violently and wrathfully being kicked, they'd've passed out, and the threat to your survival would've passed.

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  12. _Angel_1991

    _Angel_1991 Premium Member

    Ah, Nygdan....
    The answer to almost all of your questions is no. I have never killed someone. What I am speaking about is rage. I can control my rage, or else I would be in jail now, but that doesn't mean I don't have flashes of rage that just explode. At this point it doesn't matter what is rational or not. All that matters is rage. Rage doesn't think. It acts.
  13. Gravare

    Gravare Premium Member

    "you never know how much you love somebody until the real test comes. Would you die for this person? Would you throw yourself on the grenade, step in front of the speeding car, keep a secret under torture to save his life? Most people never know the answer to that question. And even those who do are still not sure whether it was love or duty or self-respect or cultural conditioning or any number of other possible explanations."--Orson Scott Card
    I answered yes to this, and if you would do this, then why wouldn't you kill to save the person/persons you love? If you would give your life, then why wouldn't you be able to take the life of someone who threatens you and/or the people you love?

    in short, yes, i would die and kill for the people i love.
  14. Tinkleflower

    Tinkleflower Member

    Tricky one.

    I'm fairly sure that even to protect a loved one, I'd have a hard time taking someone else's life.

    It's very easy to condense this into a black or white issue - but for me, it's just not that simple.

    Frustration at the legal system isn't justification; neither is revenge or vengeance.
  15. tana

    tana New Member

    legal system - if someone is trying to kill me or someone - WHO CARES ABOUT THE LEGAL SYSTEM does anyone actually think while someone is charging at them to take their life, "oh, what would the legal ramifications be for this?" i dont think so, as stated earlier its a survival instinct. kill or be killed. and i would kill to protect not only myself but for my loved ones and any innocent. i dont understand the rage statement thats an intirely different subject. rage carried around daily isn't killing to protect it sounds like an undiagnosed mental problem. perhaps an issue not dealt with yet.
  16. sardion2000

    sardion2000 Member

    "Not to get this into a debate, but criminals haev more rights than the innocent,"

    I know you didn't want to get into this debate BUT The system is not there to protect the criminals, its there to protect the wrongfully accused. There is a distinction as when you are charged you are innocent before being proven guilty not the other way around, only tinpot dictatorships assume you're guilty and make it damn hard if not impossible to prove your innocence making it exceptionally easy to frame people and prosecute political opponents. It is why the system is the way it is.

    BTW I'm sorry for anyone who has lost someone to violence and/or negligence, but that doesn't make Guilty before proven Innocent Moral and Just.
  17. Kalibur

    Kalibur Premium Member

    I would absolutely kill in the name of protecting myself or my loved ones.

    Hell -- I'd kill to protect someone that was helpless that I didn't know.

    Morally, I think taking a life in the protection of yourself or another, is the only time it can be justified.

    Courts handing down death sentences is a different story. Yeah a serial killer with 10+ lives on his tab deserves the death sentence. But there are instances of mistaken executions. At what point do we have the right to take that chance?

    Then what about mental illness? How many murders constitute our right to hand out death?

    The specifics are so consuming that I don't think mundane standards can me applied in general (to law). We must look at each case individually -- still what gives me the right to agree with whether or not someone else should die? Nothing.

    Oh and I'm not religous, so what gives a jury and a judge that right? Society.

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  18. DucKid

    DucKid Premium Member

    I'd kill for anybody I loved.
  19. DucKid

    DucKid Premium Member

    Rephrase: If a loved one was in trouble, and I had to kill, I would do it. If a loved one ordered me to kill, and they weren't in trouble, I wouldn't do it.
  20. Bixente

    Bixente New Member

    I think that you can never call it good or just when you kill someone. In case you are protecting someone (not even a loved one or relative) I think you have a good excuse to be pardoned.
    By protecting someone I also mean protecting someone from needless suffering (i.e. when someone who is terminally ill requests for euthanasia)
    Any other case of taking a life (be it vengeance or death penalty or any other reason) is morally wrong in my opinion.