News @ ID Kansas Death Penalty Ruled Unconstitutional

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Bleys, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Bleys

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    In an interesting decision by the Kansas Supreme Court. The Court found that the state's law regarding the death penalty to be unconstitutional.

    Although I am pro-death penalty, I see the logic in the justices opinion - juries should not be required to give greater weight to death over life in prison. All cases in which the death penalty is applicable the final say should lay with the jury after consideration of the individual facts of the case.

    However, this decision has had a sad consequence:

    Did the Kansas Supreme Court make the right decision here? Comments.

  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    I am still not sure where i stand with the death penalty. However, they do have a point. I assume that for the average convict, a life in prison is better than death row.

    In baseball, Tie goes to the runner. I think the less severe choice should be chosen in the event of a tie.

  3. masqua

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    As a Canadian, I stand behind the decision to get rid of the death penalty. My reasoning for that stand is the occasional killing of a convict that was sentenced in a crime he/she did not commit.

    There is a case, for example, which is close to my home. As a mere boy, Steven Truscott, was (40 years ago) accused and found guilty of a rape and murder. He was sentenced to hang.

    Even today, after evidence of another serial child rapist and murderer was found to be active in the same timeframe and area, Mr Truscott still has not been exonerated. He now lives in Stratford, Ontario, desperately trying to clear his name.

    There are plenty of examples of such a travesty of justice occuring and in my simple mind, every juror is, by extension, guilty of premeditated murder in such a thing.

    I dunno, pineappleupsidedown...I think I would prefer the death penalty to a life behind bars...after all, there is a life after death, isn't there? There certainly is no life behind bars...only misery.