News @ ID John Couey Is a dead end re Jessica Lunsford

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  1. John Couey is guilty of leaving Florida as an unregistered sex offender=parole violation. But he's not the killer of little Jessica Lunsford.

    The authorities all over him but let's not forget what happened when they were all over the security guard who found the bomb during the '96 Atlanta Olympics.
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    Never say never....

    "John Couey admitted to abducting Jessica and subsequently taking her life," Dawsy told reporters Friday. "I've got my man."" CNN
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    Harsh .

    Children are everyones responsibility , keep them safe .

    In California you can look up all the registered sex offenders , where they live , the offences commited , and a picture .

    There are 3 within a 1 mile radius of me . 2 are on the other side of a large freeway , and the other is 2 blocks down the hill straight behind my house . I could probably hit it with a rock with a good tail wind .

    My landlady asked me to look them up because of her cheruby littl 4 year old daughter . The man down the hill gave knock out drugs to women at bars but was not into kids .

    I don't trust the justice system because of all the "technicalities" that can let dangerous people walk free and innocent people be incarcerated . I am sure that there are more than a few registered offenders that are completely innocent and have had their lives ruined (for the greater good) becauseof an inadequate justice system but I hope they are far and few between .

    We NEED to know who these people are , where they are , and be kept updated on any preadators of children .

    I'll post a link in a minute so you can check out your local community .

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  4. Couey admitted guilt because he was intimidated by a lie detector test--and LDTs are not ADMISSIBLE in court. So in effect, he admitted/confessed to a murder based on a test that itself is not admissible.

    And while we're at. Police have yet to release the results of the test. So we don't know if he actually flunked the test. They just said he basically told them to stop because he knew what they would find with the results. That's an ASSUMPTION of guilt.

    So im not so hyped because they have a so-called CONFESSION by Couey. This situation needs to be tied up a little tighter than that.

    peace and respect
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    How about the fact that the confession included the directions to the little girls body under his sister's back steps? Or was that just a lucky guess made by Couey?

    I gotta hand it to you OG - you definitely give benefit of the doubt even when there appears to be none.

  6. good defense always include benefit of the doubt my friend. the confession still stands as one from intimidation of an inadmissible machine. you should see what's it's like to really be grilled my frined. they can get blood from a turnip in those draconian rooms.
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    Will this moron ever go to trial

    A year to prepare? puleease.....

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    You sound as if you are his lawyer, how do you know he's not the killer? Yes, polygraphs are not admissable but are a powerful tool. I guess it's just a coincidence he's a convicted child molester and her body is found where he has been living ... AND he knew where the body was. Occam's razor .......