Technology Is your PC a zombie?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Yes, it's a fact that if you connect to the net without a firewall of some sort you'll be under attack Right away. The other day I shutdown my firewall to see how quick I get attack (I did leave antivirus on incase...) and I immediately got hit.

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    I dont get why people do this. I guess they just like to know that they can whatever they want. I think some of these people should use their talents elsewhere for the better good, instead of causing corruption.
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    One reason iv made the full conversion to Linux. I got sick of updating all my AVs and Anti Spyware programs every week, now on Linux its near impossible to get a virus. I only recall hearing about somebody getting a virus twice in Linux.
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    Welcome to the Hacker’s Lair

    Wow. This is truly a fascinating tale! At first I read it seems boring but as I read more and near the middle it becomes very interesting. Read it… (people who are not computer savvy might have a hard time following the technical part, in that case fast read or skim it, I’m sure the zoombie part will get your interest)

    I remember back when Bleys or DLM mentioned about American Election voting system got hacked, well… this is a wake up call.

    Truly fascinating tale.

    edit: haah, forgot the link!! here it is:
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    I remember reading about that on /.

    Also, if I recall, Google was taken down a few months ago by a DDoS attack by thousands of computers. Microsoft was targetted by the MyDoom virus a few months ago as well, that infected nearly a Million Computers. MS managed too divert the attacks.
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    Little late to add on to this thread, but oh well.

    DLM > your refering to the phpBB virus that used google to search out targets right? If so I remember when that hit, because I did a search for "Powered by phpBB" and google spit back an error about it being under attack by a virus, check back later. That message was actually up until maybe a month ago, it seems google has resumed searches for that string.