Metaphysics is the mind like a mirror?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by tablet, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    The mind is like a mirror, what exist inside the mirror is the result of what stands before it. Without an
    object in front of the mirror, the mirror would hold nothing. It would show nothing. Without (nature, reality)
    our though and mind would be void.

    Angel, Robin Hood - it all exist in our mind not because we created it because we perceive reality and distort
    it. We distort its image. (image of human+bird = angel)

    A mirror can make a short person tall. A fat person skinny - vice versa. The mirror can distort reality, so can
    our mind. What exist in our mind is virtual reality. Like what you're seeing through a monitor, it's real but

    The mind never stop reasoning becase the mirror never stop reflecting each other (place two mirror face to face
    and you have endless reflection, endless reasoning)

    The REAL "truth" reside outside the human brain (because nothing touches that truth). Once it enter our brain,
    we can no longer considered it as truth, but "virtual truth". And this truth is yours to take. It's yours to
    live by.

    I have mine, you have yours.

    The mind doesn't create. It perceive and distort.

    What's your thought on that? Could it be explained differently?
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  2. junior_smith

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    i really like that tablet, makes you thnk.
    i think the mind does distort but i think greed distorts the mind.

    i like the analogy to the mirror, but what specifically in our mind does that pretain to?
  3. pineappleupsidedown

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    I read a book called "The Silver Chair" by C.S. Lewis.

    In it, some of the characters are told that their world does not exist. When they argue with the queen who is telling them that they made their home up, she tells them to discribe this "sun" that they insist exists. They point to a lamp and say "the sun is like this lamp, but it is bigger and brighter and rounder" and she replys that the sun does not exist, they are just imganing a different form of the lamp in front of them.

    Its an interesting idea.
  4. tablet

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    Is it possible to be aware without something to be aware of?

    How does the queen know that the Sun doesn't exist? She must have an awareness of the Sun right? Therefore, the Sun exist.
    Because she's aware of it and the funny part is that she's trying to prove that it doesn't exist.

    Without the Sun, she wouldn't know what the Sun is. She wouldn't even speak of it.

    Can you read my mind? Then you can't talk about it because you're not aware of what's on my mind. :lol:
  5. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    maybe it would be called peripheral thought?

    the sun analogy reminds me of the matrix ( i guess that movie ghas started a trend of neo-philosphy no pun intended) but it regards the whole 'there is no spoon' thing
    if their is no spoon than surely it doesnt have a physical state. without getting religious here it reminds me of reiki because they believe that if you believe something soo much than its true ie you believe pain so there is pain
  6. tablet

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    When the boy try to bend the spoon he do so with his mind, and the bend result only appears in his mind, not in physical. When you see the spoon bended, you are actually seeing what he is seeing. Not what is in reality.

    Basically, he's distorting it.
  7. Ikebana

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    Actually the spoon bending was busted since the rubbing of the spoon in between the fingers of the bender, caused a friction with the heat from the rub, I forget what the metal was, but a metal that bends when warmed...anyway that was how the spoon bent. I did see one though who didn't even touch the spoon and the spoon was lying on a table in front of the man...although he claimed the spoon had bent...none of us in the room could see it, so maybe he saw what he wanted to see.

    To the mirror image...if a sighless person sees nothing from birth...what does he see in his mind? Maybe his perception as he compares it to a taste, a smell, or a touch, of something else he may be familiar with?
  8. Ikebana

    Ikebana Member

    Sorry that should have read "SIGHTLESS" person!
  9. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    ?? I don't remember saying all the thing I said above. Wait, that's because I have a built-in firewall in my mind.

    By the way, I watched "Inside Your Mind" a document by Derren Brown. There's a part where he make the other two girls bend the fork with their mind. They thought it was REAL! Watch it to believe.
  10. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    The mind is a powerful tool. As long as you can manipulate its thought patterns and visualizations, you can achieve anything. Like pain for instance, not all pain hurts, its just a common reaction. For example, ever bump into something and automatically say ouch, but when you think about it, it didnt really hurt, there is little to no pain.

    Sort of like the mirror, your mind percieves what you want it to percieve. Look beyond the mirror, look beyond the image that is portrayed, see beyond it. If you can do this you can see another part of you. Try it, but you must be able to clear your mind of all thought, eliminate all distracting sounds around you and focus what you see, not the image, go beyond that.
  11. _Angel_1991

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    The mind does distort. However, as you can see, angels cannot be the distortion of humans and birds. However, because the mortal mind cannot comprehend anything outside of the mortal plane, the visuality of angels humans have may be a distortion of the true angels, created by human mentality.
  12. overrocked

    overrocked Premium Member

    all knowledge can then be dispelled as shat, experience would reign supreme, and our spiritual life would be valued more

    good thought about the blind person- but perception doesn't have to be visual-

    many people can learn how they learn best by determining if they are visual, auditory, or sensual orientated.

    We are colored by our experience- thus the argument for genetics versus environment- our perceptions may be pure brainwash from 10,000 hours of TV hence the propaganda conspiracies
  13. oddtodd

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    Bismuth will melt in your hand and is sometimes mixed with lead to stabalize it at room temperatures and it is silver in color .

    we all have a choice to look into a flat mirror , or carnival glass but even in the flat mirror we will distort things to suit our needs and beliefs .