History Is Socrates Guilty?

Discussion in 'History' started by Ape, Feb 28, 2005.

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    In my history class were doing Greek History and were going to reinact the Trail of Socrates and if possible we can prove him inocent other than guilty so does anyone know anything on Greek History and help me prove him inocent?
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    Well we would have to put ourselves in Socrates age.

    According to the charges he was accused of stiring up the people and bothering the elders. In other words, he would not shutup.

    He was given the choice of exile or death and chose death.

    Go figure.
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    This is probably one of the best accounts I could find. If I were defending Socrates I would have presented a "show me a single act of sedition" defense. From the above I find nothing that shows Socrates actually participated in the overthrow of the city nor did he benefit from financially or personally from the ensuing chaos. While his teachings may have led others to act - he himself did not participate physically. I would also point out some of my fellow accusors statements that may be taken to an extreme conclusion by young radicals and show the hypocracy of punishing the free exchange of ideas in a democratic society.

    Now how this would play some 1600 - 1700 years ago - I don't know, but the Greeks did utilize a jury system and any jury system made of one's peers can be manipulated.

    My 2 cents