Physical Science Is it possible to control gravity?

Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by Ape, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. Ape

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    Just curious (again) but is it possible to create, control or manipulate gravity? In my mind gravity is the strongest force it's holding down everything on earth and it's keeping all the planets in orbit. Hows it made and if possible can we make it? Curiosity killed the cat...stupid cat.
  2. Young William

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    Well, not in the sense you're most likely thinking about, but consider the newfound technics involved with aviation, object manipulation, and again the principle of relativity.......
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    I think einstein said that if you can bend light, space doesn't know that gravity did not do it.
  4. Ape

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    What? :?: How can space know something?
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    As far as we know, gravity can only be affected by mass (and energy). You need a very large amount of mass, like the earth, before you notice the very weak force of gravity.

    Gravity is actually the weakest force. The strong nuclear force and electromagnetism are much stronger. However, the strong nuclear force has a very small range and electromagnetic effects cancel out. If you think that gravity is the strongest force, remember that it is electromagnetism that is keeping you from going through the ground.
  6. toolmaker

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    Gravity has always interested me.

    It seems to talk to itself, how fast does gravity travel? how does Gravity communicate with the object in question, and how does gravity interact at the molecular level, as opposed to the Macro ( stars and constellations) level.... fascinating study
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    What about, " Antigravity Craft'

    Its finally here! This 3 ft triangular antigravity disc can take off and land vertically, it can hover, tilt and bank in mid-air and land again. It uses no moving parts or propellers. Works on ionocraft principle as explained in our #IONO plans. The anti gravity disc runs on 12 volts DC which is used to power a high voltage power supply. This power supply produces approximately 20,000 volts DC and is identical to our #HIDZ unit. The primary means of lift is ion propulsion. High energy ions are ejected from the bottom of the craft which interact with surrounding air molecules to produce thrust. The craft is tethered to its power supply by light weight magnet wire, but future versions will be designed to carry their own power source and batteries. The craft can be made to tilt about on its axis and fly in any direction. The maximum lifting capacity of the craft is determined by the surface area and size. While in flight the high voltage ions can cause interference with electrical devices in close proximity to the craft. This is a great showpiece for the technology and also makes a great window display and conversation piece. We are the only company in the world to offer a working antigravity craft for sale. Yes this is FOR REAL! We hope to sell enough of these to help raise money to build a 12ft triangular craft! (Photos and downloadable video clips coming soon)
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    I wondered about this one for a couple of years now, i just haven't had an extra 1500 bucks to spend..

    Do any of you guys have this device or know of someone who does.
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    we have chatted about Waxycheescake making one (with everyones help) but the power supply is around $ 600 US (Paypal button ?)

    I am currently reading "The Ultimate Hitchikers Guide" and have found that it described antigravity as : " Throwing ones self at the ground , and missing .... "

    I recomend it , it reads like your signature Illuminated_1 . Real but nonsensical (sp?)

    The Lifter is an ion device that attracts the opposite charged particles between the earth and sky . Sky is positive and earth is negative , they attract ....

    The lifter is always held to the ground by the size and weight of the energy source and the length of the wire connecting the Lifter to the ground . OHMs law type of stuff , high voltage and skinny wires ;.

    The only thing that is needed for this thing to go into UFO mode is a power supply that it can lift as well as itself .

    There is a research project here that is open for input !
  9. Waxy cheesecake

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    It would have to be with everyones help because, right now, I don't have the money! *sigh* I guess IF I save up my allowence for a couple of years I might have enough. Well, I'll see what exactly I can do to speed the process of income over the summer. Right now though I think it would be better if the parties that are interested make their own and report the their findings.
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  11. xu

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    I remember reading a thread about some guy inventing some technology that creates a zero gravity environment on earths face and remember that he was planning to use it for medical threatment for burnt patients where their skin would grow back more esily an less painfully when the patient is hovering in mid air rather then laying on a bed. Also this guy was very strict about keeping the invention private because if government had laid hands on the patent he believed they wouldnt let it be used by public etc. I couldnt find that thread maybe it was an ATS post, so here goes;

    according to this article, they can lift biological material and keep them hovering in mid air.,12996,1481117,00.html

    however this appears to be new, I remember hearing that scientists were able to hover a frog in mid air like 6 years ago, and I am sure I exactly heard it.
  12. purrcy

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    We won't know how to control gravity untill we know what it is; and we're about 95% off the mark so far.
  13. DucKid

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    If there wasn't electromagnetism, we'd go through the ground! If it wasn't for gravity, we'd float like balloons! Can't things just be balanced without having anything to balance them out?
  14. purrcy

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    Do photons have anything to do with gravity?
  15. Icewolf

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    I'm guessing you're talking about the replusion of electrons DucKid. . .

    - ice -
  16. xu

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    they do, they bend around stars,they go zig-zagging through space because of the gravities they are exposed to, they can get sucked into blackholes etc.
  17. JcMinJapan

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    I the 1700s, it was discovered that the speed of light is limited to a single max velocity. Once this speed was discovered, Scientists Laplace and Michell created a fairly famous hypothesis (not in tandem, but same hypothesis at the same time) that a very massive compacted star could indeed create a field to where no light could escape and it would actually be pulled back towards the star if its gravitational pull was strong enough.

    Then in 1915 Ablert Einstein came out and said that photons have no mass, but they do have momentum. Now, a stong gravitational field will actually affect space-time. So, the photons are not actually affected by gravity directly, but they are affected by the distortion of space-time which is caused by gravity. So, in general Albo is saying that they are indirectly indirectly affected by gravity.

    Now, lets hit Albos Theory of Relavity above and wonder ... Is it true that photons have 0 mass? Well, for scientists, this is a looming question. But, so far, through every concievable test, this theory holds up. There are only a few ways to try and actually test the WEIGHT of a photon and our sensors so far cannot get low enough to catch a weight. So, the jury is still out, but if there is a mass it is undetectable by our technology. So, for now... we have to agree is ole Ablo on this one.

    Now, what is Space-Time? In our universe, there are actually 4 dimensions. The 3 that we are used to seeing everyday plus time is considered the 4th dimension.

    Now, the theory of relativity stands and also the earlier predictions stands as well pretty much intact, except for the direct effect on the photon.

    Now, we are at this point. A gigantic compacted star that has a super massive gravitational (a blackhole) pull will bend space time and actually bring it towards its surface. This includes light. Now, if the gravitational pull is strong enough to affect space-time and pull in light, then it is impossible for anything else to escape it as well. The reason being... Nothing travels faster than light. So, since the light is pulled in and the gravitational pull is doing it, then nothing can actually travel fast enough to escape the pull of the gravitational field.

    Hope that this helps, great question as well.