Sociology Iowa Couple Pays Electric Bills for Entire Town

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Bleys, Dec 22, 2004.

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    Sometimes the spirit of Christmas gets lost with too much materialism and not enough peace on earth - good will towards men. This story made my day and gives me hope:

    What a truly selfless act by this husband and wife.:up:

  2. Man those people really did it because they wanted to. THey are how America should aim to be. Nice considerate and most of all unselfish. It is amazing to see the values in some one 75 and now. I hope we may shine the light of our kindness in just one person each. The world will be a better place.
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    This brings to mind a discussion a friend and I had. People generally tend to watch out for themselves in this day and age, not to get too spiritual, but what if everyone had at least one " good for goodness sake" moment? A selfless act, unplanned, just a random act of kindness, without any limitations. Might be something to put before the members here at ID. Possibly open a new thread, not for bragging rights or anything, but to keep each other posted on things that we as a community could somehow affect a change in.
    Seems that most of the people here are quite well-informed, and above average in intellect, possibly start a small revolution here, and now.
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    I would like to add a good deed that happened in two parts of a community I lived back in 2003. We had a bad hurricane that hit NC and Va and tore Va up in mid Sept. Well, in the neighborhood I lived in, some parts of it are rough areas, not bad but a little rough. The neighbors behind us, sort of all to themselves, no one really ever talked to each other, it was like mind your own business type of way. Well, when the hurricane came thru that area we were in of the neighborhod got the worst, plus it was low line area, so alot of water saturated the ground, especially from the unusal amounts of rainfall we got that summer.

    A pine tree snapped and was hangin gon the powerlines which were the tied to main gird in the sector and it covered the only other road for exit out in case the storm got bad. I went out there in the middle of storm cutting the limbs off to lighten the load, shortly later there was others out there with me braving it. Had that line snapped, we lost electricity in the area of that grid. Well later on we lost power anyhow but we were able to have electricity for an additional 6-7 hrs before loss. Well later after that, I noticed the neighbor behind me, the trees in his yard started to topple leaning towards falling, root and all, i ran to his house told him to get his family out now and come to my place to stay til the storm passed. Mind you I have never talked to this guy ever, just seen him. Found out they are a really great family.

    The next day he lost all 10 trees in his yard with 3 that landed on the house. The whole neighborhood came over with chainsaws, extra hands and we cut everything up took pictures of the damage and the whole bit. We saw neighbors we had never seen before. Everyone was helping each other clean up each others yards all day. There had to be at least 150-200 of us out there. That night we all had a bonfire out his place and everyone came by and we all came together as a neighborhood and started new programs and so forth. Amazing how a incident brings people together.

    A day later I was surveying damages of powerlines in the neighborhood cause everyone was gettign power back, but our neighborhood. Of course the power company is telling us its on and working but no one has power. I drove back on this road and it turned into a dirt road and there was this house, I sware I had never seen this house before, but it was there. There was an elderly woman living back there and she was on dialysis and needed to go to the hospital cause her machine ran off electricity. There was a powerline down in front of the driveway and she couldnt get out at all. Not to mention, I didnt know until she started to move she was also confined to a wheel chair. So I asked her how she got to the hospital, well her son left on a business trip out west prior to the storm and he had been taking her. So my son and I took her to the hospital and unbeknowst she had to be hospitalized and the doctor had told me any longer and she would have possibly died, he wasnt specific but her meds or something had ran out.

    The feeling of doing something good is a powerful thing. Just to see the smile on someones face or even just the relief of someone who has suffered feels great and to know you were a part of that. I wasnt looking to be a savior, but something told me this woman needed to go and had I not driven further back, she wouldnt be here today. When I and my son are around there, we drop by now and then to see how she is doing and if she needs anything. And I passed that to the other neighbors and now the women of that community that has been built checks on her daily and do whatever they can to help out.

    Its just a great feeling. And anyone who has ever thought about or has never thought about it, and wants to see what a difference you can make on one person, do this, volunteer for the Special Olympics and take one of those kids for yourself just for the day.