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    Previously posted on ATS in thread 67809.

    While reading BadAstronomy board, you often come across posts by Jerry Jensen, a scientist at ATK Propulsion.

    His theory basicly says cosmological redshift is not due to expansion, but due to the CREIL effect (Arxiv: Propagation of electromagnetic waves in space plasma). The supernovae used for validating distance measures are wrong (Arxiv: Supernovae Light Curves: An Argument for a New Distance Modulus). CMBR is caused by CREIL and scattering of light by matter. He proposes a steady-state universe. Arxiv: Evidence for instrinsic redshifts in spiral galaxies can be added this list.

    Jerry Jensen (BadAstronomy thread 14433):
    MOND is an alternative explanation to dark matter for the speed of rotation in spiral galaxies that does not follow the distribution of visible matter. More information.

    The Tully-Fisher relationships link rotation speed in spiral galaxies to distance. More information.

    However, not all evidence for the big bang is explained by this theory (list of evidence). Olber's paradox is still a problem. He also requires a violation of therrmodynamics for the steady-state model to work.

    Still, it is interesting to see that evidence for the big bang can also be interpreted in a different way. He also listed some problems with the big bang. All in all, I recommend you read the first post of this thread.