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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by yourdementia, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Hi Everybody.....This is great,,,,so much info,,so little it..

    I have a quick question for you all.

    For some reason i have always been fascinated by the idea of infinity..We always think of infinity going in an outward direction...But i have always been interested in the idea that infinity can also go inwards . Has this been proven to be impossible? or is it still a valid theory?

    would love to hear what everyone thinks

  2. mscbkc070904

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    I think its only theroritcal (sp), but black holes would be considered to me infinity go inwards, cause it swallows space. Just a thought. But if anyone does have a better explanation I am onboard with dementia to learning more.
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    Well you never know what it is. A circle has limited space but is still infinite. Infinity has no size in all perspectives. I don't exactly see how your question relates to astronomy so if you can clarify I won't move it. But I'f you don't clarify I'll move this to philosphy.
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    Don't play games with astronomy ! It makes Mizar unhappy :roll:

    And to add something usefull , continuous dividing should have no limit IMO , you have something that you divide in two parts and repeat over and over . Theoreticaly speaking , I would say there would always be "something" left to divide , and you would be traveling infinitely "inward"
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    Hmm,Good point .it might be better of in philosophy.

    Just for clarification purposes , i have often pondered on the idea of if it where possible to travel inwards continually (as in light years)would we eventually arrive in what we call space..

    does this make sense or do i just sound like a nutcase:grin:
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    Actually, this is more of a physics area..... Moved....

    Great question though....
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    Not long ago man believed the earth was flat.
    Then man believed the sun revolved around the earth .
    He believed the atom was the building blocks of the universe.
    Now we have leptons like the neutrino, muon and tau.
    Baryons and the quarks which come in six delicious flavors, up, down, strangeness, beauty, truth and charm.
    Infinite travel into the microcosmos?
    Why not, as our technology inhances our senses we find more and more. Why should it be finite.
    Nice idea to think of inward infinity...thanks for that.
    I'm for invinity in all directions.