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    Is today's disregard for social, morality, and psychological factors a result of our drive for the materialistic economics of the industrial system?

    If all thoughts of the community aspects of socialism and communism are treated AS if they are poison, are we poisoning ourselves to a future bereft of any hope for sustainability?

    Do Muslims really teach an ideology of 'no interest' and is that why extreme Islamists are so 'anti-capitalist'?

    Is the industrial system emphasis on individualism a by-product of Protestant reaction to Roman Catholics teaching of the 'church' is the way to the road to heaven?

    Is the unmediated relationship with God- belief by Protestants and subsequent individual responsible for their spiritual destiny the reason why Christians today feel they have to also be individually responsible for their material destiny- and subsequent materialism?

    Disregard of today's economics deliberately exclude social responsibility from their scheme of thought.

    St. Thomas Aquinas - taught that trading for the sake of gain was wrong- Where did we all go so wrong?

    sorry, this was so scattered, it was some thoughts I put together to make sense of how we have been manipulated to be materialistic
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    I think your thoughts on protestant ethic are spot on. Ever read Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism?

    It details how he believes capitalism is the result of Protestant ethic, and how this is the result of the notions of a 'calling' and hard work and material possessions being symbolic of the person working hard at their calling. All this was in an attempt to reach salvation, though paradoxically, according to protestantism, all those who are to be saved are chosen at the moment of creation, so what you do in life is largely insignificant. Important, though, is kind of soothing yourself psychologically, if you do well, you can sort of convince yourself you're one of the chosen ones, even though the work in itself isn't relevant to being saved.

    I disagree with him about this being the cause of capitalism, but I do think it's an interesting analysis and think it's credible as an explaination for later capitalism after it spread out of England.

    It seems as if we are poisoning ourselves though, in many peoples lives it's become all about work, it's like slavery. You work, go home, eat, rest, go back to work, etc. Weber warned of this as well with his description of "the iron cage". He writes regarding this: "'Specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart; this nullity imagines that it has obtained a level of civilization never before achieved"

    I'm gonna think about this more.

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    I haven't read Max Weber's book, but will look for it in the library this week-end (along with 20 others):oops:

    The theory that I have been researching lately, is that we feel better when we help others- period- Even if it has the feel of return obligation- it helps us pschologically to know that we are of use to others.
    In the corporate dog-eat-dog world of today, it seems we get out of sync with our fellows, and worry about the future, and hoard every dime, or spend it on stuff we really don't need or use.
    So a return to a more social society:shk: would seem like a better direction than anarchy or survivalism. A simple neighborhood bar-b-que or block party would be a kewl place to start. Knowing someone in your neighborhood that could be counted on to watch your house while you are away could be an incentive to be a bit more 'neighborly'

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