Metaphysics Imagine: The World With No Religion.

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by mscbkc070904, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. mscbkc070904

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    Imagine if religion never existed in the world. No myths, no gods, no prayers, no beliefs in higher beings, no statues, no bibles, korans, prayer books.

    Where would we be today, if religion didnt exist at all?
  2. helenheaven

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    didn't John Lennon ask the same question ?

    Imagine there's no countries,
    It isnt hard to do,
    Nothing to kill or die for,
    No religion too,
    Imagine all the people
    living life in peace...

    we would undoubtedly be better off without religion
  3. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Living life in peace, who created peace? religion did. therefore without the knowledge of peace, how would we know what peace is?
  4. helenheaven

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    in my opinion, religio created dissent and division rather than peace...

    most obvious example Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland
  5. mscbkc070904

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    I guess the point I am trying to make here is, Where would the world be without religion. Wars would have not happened, therefore lines would have never been drawn. Lands would have not developed, nor disputes, but also laws and rules were created from religion. So if no religious factors, would there be complete anarchy? Think back in history, religion shaped futures, just like music shapes the way we feel, art does the same thing. Which brings up, would art have ever been to the state in which it exists today without religious infliction? Religion affects us in some way or another, whether you are a believer or not, it shapes us in some form.
  6. Mizar

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    I truly doubt that a world without relgion would have ben more peaceful. It was never the relgions fault that the wars started, the religious ones. The PEOPLE in the relgion were radistical about their BELIEFS and then took it too far. IF there was no relgion people would still have BELIEFS and there would undoubtly be people who took their beliefs to the EXTREAM and killed people for them. Its in mans nature to fight just geting rid of relgion won't help. You would have something close the the Trigger of WW1. A Serbain extream nationilist who had great pride in his country went out and shot Franz Ferdanand and his wife from astruia. It was a nativisim crime for saying MY county is great!

    Thats also why WW2 started the German people have a great pride in their country. When the Versallies treaty and the rest of Europe put so much penalitites reperations and limitations on them they got pissed off. When Hitlir said "I will restrore the right of the German people" everyone followed him. He had a great pride in his nation and didn't want to see them oppressed.

    Spanish American war. The USS Main is blown up by who it is not known. The US people who were already angry witht he Spanish people cry and rally for war because they do not want to see a attack on their great country. Yet again nativisim.

    Then along with the spanish american war all of thoes late 1800's and early early 1900's conflicts were mostly there under the influence of IMPERALISIM meaning they only were in prusit of land and spreading their countrys Ideals.

    The Civil war. Hardly a relgious conflict. Lincion saw that the south violated the Constitution of the US and saw that it was not right so the war started. SLAVERY WAS NOT ACTUALLY THE MAIN ISSUE IN Civil war.

    The Revolutionary war. The Colonies of Americia were tired of oppression by the English people and wanted independnce in the prusit of their own Ideals. So the war started.

    Go ing forward in time the Russo- Jappan war in the early 1900's
    Japan wanted a mineral rich area of Russia and sent in their newly formed navy to get troops and such in there. A sall conflict insued and Japan gained the territory.

    OK I think thats a good bit of examples. I could add some more. BUt the point I'm trying to make is, Sure there have been relgious wars and people die every day on relgious grounds but takeing relgion out the world with NOT stop war. MOST world conflicts in the history of the Earth were started by one nation wanting something over another. Itmay have been more relgious in the earilyr times but when we started geting up tot eh 1700's and stuff the conflicts became bigger andmore people were being killed on larger scales than in preivous centuries. And these new conflicts were hardly relgious.

    BUt thats just my opinion, I'm sure if you looked farther into all the conflicts I named you could find relgious tensions also.
  7. junior_smith

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    I'm with mizar on this i think we need some form of belief system, i think it guves us infrastructure (not always a good thing) but it does give order, if we had no religion then we would be chaotic, and that wouold not be good in my mind
  8. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Yes, I understand that in the last 300 or so yrs wars were not about religion, but everything back then was based on beliefs of religion or religious relics. What happened in the last 300 yrs would have not happened at the degree or worse, had there not been lines drawn. Beliefs in man, yes would have taken precedence, but what would be higher than man himself? How many rulers would have lasted as long as they did if religion wasnt a factor or the fear of religious persecution? Take all things as it may be out of picture and ATTEMPT to rewrite history. Its just a thought, not somethign that would happen, cause it can not.
  9. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    thats mostly because up into 300 years ago there was no such thing as science. And the true scientist were just believed to be another relgion with their own wacky beliefs.
  10. Ape

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    Humanity is quick to make allies and enemys like say there were planets around us that were populated People on Earth woulden't be characterized by the country they lived in But the planet there on What I'm trying to say is for the most part they divde themselves evenly along the available area. Understand what I'm trying to say?
    Like even if there weren't any lines drawn eventuly over time the lines will definately be drwn. Yeah I'm probubly making no sense.
  11. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    No its understood awokenmind, never said that lines wouldnt have been drawn, they would have been, cause even before religion was a factor, cave era, humans tend to draw the line between which woman is there, whos food, who lays where. But at the point in where we are today, would there be a US, would there be nearly 300 nations in existence? would there have been massive wars, and nations divided by religious factors. Like would the Middle East belive in Allah, Europe exist cause of Christianity/Crusades, Native Indians believing in sun gods, greek mythology, roman empire, etc.

    I am not trying to make a debate, just trying to let people think open minded that if the world didnt have religion, where would it be today? Would science been discovered earlier? Would technology existed earlier? just something to think about cause in the earlier ages, religion supressed alot of ideas, cause it was considered morbid and the works of evil.
  12. Ape

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    I understand what your saying mscbkc070904 but we shoulden't concentrate on what ifs but what will we do. I don't know just me talking to myself.
  13. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    While religion is a huge problem towards peace, it is not the main problem. The true root of it is based in the human Ego. There lays the problem. Religion is merely a stepping stone in the long legacy of brutality.
  14. Ikebana

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    MSC...........Religion SUPPOSEDLY teaches peace, so wars etc are not necessarily connected with religions, actually within mainstream organized religious groups it seems there is at least a sect or segment that do no violence and will not fight or go to war, such as the Amish and the Mennonites, within Christianity. Then of course the Sufi's within Islam and the Hassidic in Judaism. I've read that there are sects within Buddhism as well as in Hinduism that do not war or fight. But you also said that cave men fought over their 'women" LOL...but I would suggest that would have been BEFORE religions, so religion didn't seem to be responsible for that. Could you imagine if there were NO groups or persons who did not murder or kill, if the world had continued on as in the cave man days, instead of trying to establish religion as a way of order and control? Then everyone would have carried on banging each other senseless with their cave clubs until there was only one man left? Or woman...if she got mad enough? LOL WOW I guess mankind would have killed itself out long before now. But I agree that religion hasn't seemed to prevent terrible wars and other hatreds (ie prejudice). Then as Future said, the 'human ego' is more the culprit. I agree with this too.
  15. Ape

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    Totally agree with u 2 :roll:
  16. Young William

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    Funny how quickly the "walls" would become useless, for what would they shut out, and most importantly who would they still control.
  17. Damin

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    religen is one of the few things that all people can abide by

    the only reason we are on earth is to learn more about mastering our self through religen

    the sad part is that most religens have ben around for so long they have lost there trew meaning
  18. oortpower

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    Bullshit. The purpose to life is to discover the purpose of life? Circular logic. I do agree, though most religions have lost all meanings, if any, that they had originally. It has all been put into religious bureaucracy. If I was a religious man I wouldn't be in a church, I would be communicating with a God on my own. I believe that in the course of things religion has done lots of good, but often outweighed by the bad, like the Inquisition. Mastering yourself doesn't have to through a religion though, it could be through meditation having nothing to do with religion. In my opinion most religions show the extreme arrogance of the human race.
  19. 1Reshin2

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    well I agree with most of you but, if you put all the questions that mscbkc070904 asked your basicly asking "What if everyone was the same?" well then what would we do and why would we live? without wars then we're just an existance, then we would be useless. We're here to deal with stupid people and be stupid people. I admit I do stupid stuff, yes, and like i said before everything is balanced just everyone notices the bad stuff more then the good. You may not realise it, but you do, Yes I am religious. No, I don't go to church, because most churches did loose their true touch to the original beliefs, now their b.s. just like the US gov. which basicly means they ruin the name of their religion, but you do have to give a break for those few in every group that ruins their name for everyone else I.E. Catholics (i'm not advertising i'm just making a point)
  20. 1Reshin2

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    though I do believe you do have to figure out the purpose of life, but I also believe that you only leanr that so you may fulfill your purpose of life.....