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  1. Mark

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    Some new mechanisms and functionality are being implemented in posts where images and links are added to the content. These enhancements will benefit the website as a whole. Some issues in posts may occur. Please report them here if you happen to find them.
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    So we still add images and links the usual way, but if there is a problem we let you know? Thank you upfront
  3. Mark

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    1. Images uploaded as attachments will be automagically inserted into posts full size at the bottom of your post, unless you select to insert them yourself elsewhere in your post formatting.

    2. As we have just migrated into a new platform, and we also now use SSL for your security, we initially instigated a proxy mechanism that would cache the image on the server to prevent security notification issues. Proxy has been disabled now.

    3. To complement #2, we are implementing a mechanism that will automatically accommodate images that are hotlinked, by importing into the database. This will eliminate old posts showing broken images on remote hosted images that are no longer available over time.

    4. Finally, all thumbnailed images will be automagically inserted into posts going back, to full size images.

    These are being implemented and executed over the next while to support cleaner and better formed natural posts as well as preserve images that may become extinct from outside servers.


    1. Any links posted will now display with a favicon image where available from the link source. Just a visual indicator of the source website. This can be turned off in user preferences if you prefer.

    2. We are experimenting with an automatic title system for links. If you post a url, after you submit, the system will attempt to retrieve a page title from the source website. Just a prettier way to display links in posts. If you format your post to already include a link title, this will not be included.
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    Forgot to add, limits in place now are no more than 5 attachments (including images) per post, maximum. I have no issue with someone making several consecutive posts to get all their images or attachments in.
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