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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by AD5673, Dec 24, 2004.

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    Just curious as to why you are proud? Or is that sarcasm that I am seeing?
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    They are rich w/ oil money and they are not rearming. They are maintaining their deterence, just like the US. They have other enemies than the US.The weapons they have are old-old. They now need replacing.
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    Im not PROUD about this, i could care less, lol just sarcasm

    Russias nuclear warheads are deteriorating..they need new uranium, or something like was on the Russian news. bodebliss they have a much larger supply of nuclear weapons, and much more powerful weapons of mass destruction than the U.S. so thats why it should be in Americas best interests not to start a conflict. Thought they dont have a lot of money, Russia is paying back their last debts...their debts are around 200-300 billion, America's is 7 trillion. Once Russia pays back their debts, repairs their nuclear warheads, continue to revive their Soviet nuclear program, and become better friends with China and India they will be a big major power in the world..not saying they arent now...just not as storng as they used to be :D

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    Isn't it sad that we have the mental capacity to design and develop such powerful technologies but don't have the maturity of mind to control ourselfs.
    Scares the cr.p out of me.