Chit Chat I'm Not Touching It, YOU Touch It!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tablet, Dec 18, 2004.

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    I\'m Not Touching It, YOU Touch It!

    Colombian police seized 292 voodoo dolls but were reluctant to inspect the black, hand-sized talismans for fear of witchcraft.
    "Witches don't exist, but if they do, they do," Highway Police Capt. Gerson Fajardo explained in a local newspaper interview published on Thursday.

    Transporting or selling the dolls is not against the law in Colombia. But police intelligence officer Rolando Silva, described by El Tiempo newspaper as an expert in witchcraft, nonetheless defended their seizure in the central province of Quindio.

    "It was a measure to protect the moral conduct and the good habits of the people," he said.

    The cargo, marked "various merchandise," also included 192 packages labeled magic dust and instructions on how to cast spells.

    That's totally wack. So... whose her would honestly touch that talisman?
  2. helenheaven

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    I would have no problem touching these talismans. The reason? I do not believe in voodoo, hence I wouldn't be affected the way someone who does believe

    I think its all psychological
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    I agree with you is all in the mind of the persons that believe in it.
  4. DeusEx

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    Damn no, I wouldn't touch those talismans. Ever been to New Orleans? There's tons of mambos and houngans down there. Me? I ain't messin' with de loa, no sir.

  5. tablet

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    Thank goodness I wasn't the only one. I wouldn't touch it either. No, You touch it!!