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    Nice guys finnish last eh?
    I have considered this stament many times and I have finally reached a conclusion that this is not entirely true. I, being a relitavly nice guy would have of course seen and heard this statment many a time, which is all true. The statement should be re-wrote to IGNORANT Nice guys finnish last.

    I am a nice guy but I'm not ignorantly nice. Now before I can explain why I am not ignorantly nice I have to explain what an Ignorantly nice guy is. An Ignorant nice person is someone who obvously does nice good deeds for people without knowldge of the persons pourpose in the favor and without knowldge of the effects of the favor for them and the person asking the favor. Ignorant nice people are the most commontype of nice people. They just think "Ok the world sucks so someone has to be nice and do the dirty work so I'll take the blame for it all and just hide when the glory comes." These people do not know when enough is enough. They are completly unselfishly and all givingly nice. Now they often ruin themselvs because they have done so much for the wrong people and for the wrong reasons they have nothing left to give and they believe they have failed. Ok maybe thats a bit extream but it is something along thoes lines. How do you know if you are an ignorantly nice person? verry simple! if the answer to this question is YES you are an ignorantly nice person.... "Has my nice personality allowed me to be taken advantage of before?" Ignorantly nice people do not see the concequences of their actions and are often taken advantage of becasue they are afraid to say OK THATS ENOUGH. When they give all withoout knowldge of the circumstances thats when people will come to you with ANYTHING but then they take advantage of you and rely on you for every little thing.

    SOOOO what is a true SMART knowldgeable nice person... Obviously the oppisite of that. BUT how can that make you a nice person well in all actuality I have a perfect example that is happening to me right now. While typeing this I was carrying on a nice conversation with someone I rarely talk to. My train of thought was soley on this "paper" and I could have done the Ignorantly nice thing and continued to make the person happy by talking to them or what I really did. Which was say " Hey I'm typing something right now and my train of thought is soley on it. I cant really concentriate while talking to you and typing. Can I call you back in a few min?" Now look they are happy I was telling the truth and look I now have my full attention on this "paper" An ignorantly nice person would have become fustrated constantly loosing their train of thought in the convorsation and their paper. I am happy and they are happy. The pourpose of being a "Nice guy" is to make sure that you are 1. making other people happy first, and 2. making yourself happy at the same time and 3. not hurting anyone in the process. Not knowing this in the first place makes you Ignorantly Nice. A nice person can #@!&% a problem that is brought to him. They will make a decision for the best of you and them. Nice people base their decisions on strong morals and values and do not impeed them to help someone. Nice people know when enough is enough and can say no when the outcome of the situation will potentally be harmful. A nice person can see that but an Ignorantly nice person cant. Another way to tell if you are a Ignorantly nice person is to ask someone you have been nice to how the situation came out when they allowed you to help. If you constantly get bad feed back you are ignorantly nice. A nice person because they can say no has a respected opinon. People think highly of them because they know that the person will give the best route of advice possible to their knowldge of the situation. By saying no to things that can go wrong and hurt you and others people come to you with TRUE problems not pety things likelunch money. which brings up another point. An ignorantly nice person may give away all their money for lunch because they think other people need it more. But a nice person will give away what is not needed and will keep only his bare minimum to eat also. After all what is food without someone to share?

    Above all the key moral in all of this if you have read it is there is a balance to it all. Like you have probally heard me say many times the key to life is a balance. Think of a see-saw put too much weight on one end and it topples too much on the other it topples. In everything in life there is a healthy balance.
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    You hit the nail hard. That's why no one comment because we're all ignorantly nice. :D
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