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  1. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    So far we have Albert Einstein, Confucius, Jacques Cousteau, Copernicus, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla.

    Each man was great at what he did. Any women I should include? Comments?
  2. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    I dont mean to sound sexist, but I cant think of any women in any of the fields that ID has.


    Besides them not matching exactly ;);):frog: they look pretty good.
    Good Job:up::up:
  3. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    davinci, marie curie
  4. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    what about Marie Curie, the woman who discovered Radioactivity?

    Course, i think her and Einstein would have to duke it out for the mushroom cloud pic :p

    How many banners are we looking for here?

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  5. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    Also Newton, Galileo, Edison

  6. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    good ones
  7. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    For technology...ish:

    (Geeks will know)

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  8. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    now, what quotes should we use for each person?

  9. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Einstein is talking about vaccines infections! <--- that's big news!

    Have any of check the Copyright-free photo thread? Why not have a look there to get ideas.

    (Ignorance Denied - The joke never stop)

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  10. drlau

    drlau Premium Member


  11. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    If I remember correctly, Tux The Penguin was chosen because it was the only bird besides the ostrich, that could not "crash".


    Linus was a smart man!! :D
  12. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    The banners have taken on new fonts to improve the look thanks to JCM.
  13. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Yeah and cannot even get off the ground. :lol: :lol:
  14. ilovepizza

    ilovepizza Premium Member

    That Jane women who studied the Apes. She should be up on on the banner.
  15. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    why not some famous greek philosphers? like hippoctres ( sp) socrates ( sp) euclid, pothygras?
  16. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    Hehe...and Boredom Insued:


    I get bored to easily :(

    (this was just for fun, not actually trying to suggest it)

    BTW...does anybody else see the resemblance here??:

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