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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mizar, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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    Ok just for fun. Give me a scenairo of if your life was an RPG.

    mine- ( for refrence my cat is named Gizmo)

    Suddenly! Out of the sofa! Jumps a Gizmo Cat!
    Battle ensues!
    Gizmo Cat attacks Michael for 3 dammage with a bite attack!
    Michael screams "You Bas****!"
    Gizmo attacks with another Bite for 5 dammage!
    Michael gets pisssed off and kicks gzmo cat for 140,000 dammage.
    you gain .003 experience points
    you gain 3$ and a picture of a cat,

    Lets see what kind of mischif we can get ourselves into with this convo.

    (Sorry if this seems a bit silly it just seems like it will be fun for the members like the 3 word story is.)
  2. s0mah0liday

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    Ed attacks mike.
    Mike falls in a panic attack for +5 defence.
    Ed casts lvl 7 this thread needs adderol
    Mike drinks herbal tea and talks about the atmosphere.
    Ed says extrapolate the algorythm.
    Mike is confused. Accuracy drops 5.
    Ed makes humerous comments about popular social issues.
    Mike punches himself in the stomach in confusion.
    Mike collapses.
    Ed recives 12 star points.
  3. tablet

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