Technology ID Theft Made Easy

Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Mar 28, 2005.

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    They’ve been conducting a research on Identity Theft and the result is that more than 70% of people would give you their password in exchange for a chocolate. This is a security shock. Which makes me wonder why people bother creating trojan/spyware when they can just give you a cookie or chocolate? Basically, they can just social engineer you, like a ticket to a show to see this hot celebrity! Seriously, this is shocking what people would do in exchange :shk:

    So if I came to you and pretend that I’m doing a research that mean you’re willing to share me your login and password information? Becareful… there’s a thing called Social Engineer.

  2. accountable

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    i forgot which e-mail i used for ID, also which 'user-name'
    When i logged out to play the password game- i had to create a new 'user-name-

    Being on 20 different sites which require log-ins is difficult- do we 'write it down' and risk being hit - or do we take the easier, softer, way?

    just google someones' username, and you can find out what other 'boards' they use :ch:
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    For a moment there I thought someone is trying to impersonate you! (The avatar)

    Me personally I don't use the same name, it's completely different which is troublesome! Site that you don't normally visit just make up a name... like guest233 or any name that doesn't stand out.

    For those that visit alot of site and need a way to keep track of password, check this free utility: Password Corral