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    Icewolfs \"Awakening\"




    The solitary figure walked slowly down the cold stone corridor. Everyone else was asleep. He himself was tired except it wasn't a physical sort of tired, he was tired of this war. He wished it would be over but his master said it would take time, these things don't end overnight. The corridor was lit by hundreds of tiny green symbols, magical symbols. It was his time to enter the long magical sleep which all his fellow comrades had pre-emptively started. He would be the last. As he got to the room, his final destination tonight, the symbols behind slowly faded into darkness.

    Ok your comments on it? :roll:
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    Ok continue, is this Modern Day, Fantasy, Fantasy in Medieval Era? Horror?
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    Yeah I'd like to know that. But Love it. So much detail and I love that! Felt as I myself was walking "slowly down the cold stone corridor" But If you dont mind I'd love to hear more.
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    He’s quite busy with school and ID. :D

    I give permission to anyone that want to continue the story. Go ahead. Make it scary… suspendful, and full of surprises… Show us your creative side!

    Show us the awakening!!

    IF it’s good I might turn it into a comic later in the future.
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    K, tablet, I am gonna start to finish chapter 1 of this story. Others can pitch in, and then we will have an anthology/coautored story. Let us try for 20 chapters...
    Ok, better get to typing... :bnghd: UGH THINK :bnghd:
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    Just to clarify, this story is not about Ice.. "Icewolf" is the author (but not anymore now it becomes collaborate).

    "Awakening" is the title.

    So who start? :lol:
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    Chapter 1

    Templar Kin strode down the cold, stone steps. The days had been long and hard, but it had finally paid off. He had found the source of power for all of Loris. He had found the Twelve.

    They had sneered when he told them, until he had summoned Fenir. Then they had screamed and begged while he laughed. Kin saw that they were confused, even as they died. No Templar should be able to summon Fenir! But he wasn’t just any Templar now. He had the power of the Twelve behind him.

    When he had first seen the long stone corridor beneath the temple, he had assumed it was another one of those endless labyrinths the Twelve had made to trap grave robbers. At a whim, Kin had stepped into the tunnel, telling himself that he would just explore for a few hours. After all, he had his duties to attend to. The war wouldn’t win itself! But the Faithful would win. After ten thousand years of fighting, they were finally gaining ground. The Usurpers would never again be able to defile the temples.

    As Kin had meandered through the tunnel, his hand had brushed an odd rune on the wall. Puzzled, Kin had stopped and observed the wall more closely. He realized that the whole wall was carved with these symbols. Then Kin had done something that changed his fate. He spoke the Command for revealing.

    The walls suddenly exploded in green light. Every single rune lit up and started to flash. One tunnel was highlighted. The runes carved a path through the labyrinth. Awestruck, Kin had followed this path far until it led into a chamber.

    In this stone room, Kin saw twelve thrones arranged in a circle. On each of these thrones sat a mighty man or woman, sitting upright and powerful, but plainly asleep. Abruptly, Kin realized that on each throne was carved the sign for one of the Twelve. Kin fell to his knees. How he had not felt the awesome power in the room was beyond his comprehension. After doing the Rites of Humility, Kin approached the thrones. They were arranged around a stone table. On this table was a small crystal. At that moment, Kin felt a power much greater than his own take possession of his body and reach for the amulet. When he touched it, his mind exploded with knowledge. He now knew the Twelve for who they were: they were those mighty upon the throne. He now possessed the knowledge of thirty thousand years.

    But a feeling of unease had crept up on Kin after he realized what he had done. He had trespassed upon a holy place and taken something that did not belong to him. How could he do such a thing? But then greed had taken over. He possessed most of the knowledge of the Twelve. If he sealed this chamber, maybe they would not awaken. It was plain that they were waiting for something to awake them. All Kin had to do was to make sure nothing ever did. So he did. He sealed the cave with all sixty of the Signs of Holding (Sixty! Before he had only known five!) and walked away. Nothing would awaken these Twelve. No, naught but the Apocalypse would even disturb them. Their power was his…

    There is Chapter 1
    Come on people, let's get going!!!

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    Come on guys!! Get to typing!! We got 19 chapters to go!!
    Peanut Butter Jelly TIME!!!!
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    Ok people...
    It seems I will also have to write chapter 2. IF anyone wants to write it, tell me NOW before I start writing....
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    Are you serious.....
    SIGH I guess I will really have to write something now...
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    if i can find my creativity again, i'll let you know, but its been long lost to me...:(