Earth Science Iceberg in Antartica

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Hazlenuttt, Jan 7, 2005.

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    I have been hearing news on the iceberg that will soon hit an important part of Antartica. I was wondering if any of you researchers out there can give me more information. First I here that it is beneficial, second I hear it can be catostrophic.... I want to know the truth... Is this a product of global warming..or something that would naturally occur otherwise..Thanks..:wow:
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    you wouldn't know it's designation would you. The last one I heard about was 15a and 15b.
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    It's designation is as I suggested, B 15 A

    Off the Amery Ice Shelf, is a solitary iceberg called B-15D. Like B-15A, this iceberg was originally part of the massive B-15 iceberg that broke off the Ross Ice Shelf back in April 2000 and subsequently broke up into multiple pieces.
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    I know I've checked on these things from time to time and there is always the chance one of these Rhode Island size chunks could break free and cause havoc w/ the shipping lanes. Last I heard it was still grounded on the coast. I have seen that once in open waters the navies of the free world will move hundred mile chunks to warmer waters.
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    If these icebergs are such a threat to be, why dont they just hit them charges and destroy them? I know its huge, but, look at it this way, we are trying to get rid of nukes, thats one way by doing it under water and detonating them.

    2 problems resolved at once.