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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Ape, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Ape

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    PLEASE READ AND GIVE ADVICE THIS IS INTERESTING, AT LEAST I THINK. I am 15. I watch everyone so obsessed with there outward apperance. They only care for there popularity with others. The more I watch people the more I want to show them how idiotic there acting.

    Now listen I dont want to be another face in the croud I don't want to be the grain of sand at the beach. I want to be the ocean controlling the current...... understand what I'm saying. I care for respect and when kindness is shown it should be rewarded.

    I believe that we are so tiny compared to the great cosmos, and if we are ever to explore it's greatness we need to unite, not as americans, not as Irackies but as HUMANS!

    Do you understand. Most of the worlds efforts goes toward war. War technology is what changes the world for instance recently weve gotten GPS it was only available to soldiers and spies now my neighbor has one in his car. and planes they were made around 1903 or something a couple years later WWII's killin millions with em'!

    And IT'S ALL FOR NOTHING! Humans fighting humans thats like suicide! Were killing ourselves!...... I believe my goal is to unite the world. Do you believe I am crazy? The only way to heal past wounds is to band together and treat the scars.

    You know, "Workers of the world unite for you have nothing to lose but your chains" workers (humans) need to unite to unshackel ourselves from our true potentual.

    and think about it over-populations coming. This planets not big enough for these kids poppin out with babies. When we are united anyhing is possible. No costing limit everything is free for experimenting. The universe is open.

    So i need your help I need your opinion on how to heal this world for within you the people, is the answer to the future not the government, not the armys but the people.

    Help Me heal the world. If I receive no answer it's okay I'll continue on my own...............
  2. Bleys

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    :love: It's a wonderful sentiment and I applaud you for it.

    But I believe that there are truly people in this world who seek only to hate, cause grief or dissent. Nothing will make them happy - not riches, not fame, not love.

    But I also believe that we can make a difference every day in our own little part of the world and hopefully the example we set will serve as inspiration for others. Any change must start from within and then it will have the potential spread out like a ripple to others.

  3. oddtodd

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    when I commit a random act of kindness that leaves a needy person thanking me over and over , I tell them to help some one else out when they are able . Thats it !

    if you could only catch kindness like the flu ... no vaccination needed .
  4. kiwirobin

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    It's heartwarming to see a young adult as yourself taking on this nobel task.
    But be careful, the burden is heavy and the problem manysided and complex beyond a singel soul.
    Gain knowledge of the social, economical, historical, political, enviromental, religious and geographical factors which effect our world.
    Make alliances with the people who freely share their love, they are your strength.
    Accept your limitations and make change where you can. Volenteer for local actions you believe in. Many people doing small things make for big change.
    Teach the children well. Listen to old people.
    Respect yourself and others and leave those that do not, they're not worth your energy.
    Stand up for injustice but don't be rekless and put yourself at risk.
    Take great care of yourself, you are number one.
    Keep the faith in the good of mankind and don't watch the news everyday.
    Be patient and don't expect the world to heal in one day or even your lifetime.
    Laugh more than you cry.
    Respect, Awokenmind, Respect

  5. Mizar

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    I am 17. I thought alot of what you said when I was 15 also.
    1st off don't get caught up and mad that your not some new revolunatary because I have the same ideas. Its good, no one really wants to be alone.

    2nd I admire your willingness. But have you truly decided that at all costs you will prusue this goal. if so do not plan to accomplish it alone and dont plan to accomplish it while your alive. IF you plan either of these 2 your goal will not be met. You are picking up where men who were born in the 1890s left off. "There is no failure in a just cause only a delay to sucess"

    3rd I want to comment on something you said " I watch everyone so obsessed with there outward apperance. They only care for there popularity with others. The more I watch people the more I want to show them how idiotic there acting. "
    MY goal as I see it is to help people realize their existince andthusly make something usefulf from it. BUT my goal is not to fix everyone. I got to my goal by analyzeing my personality what I enjoyed and what I loved to do. I concluded that If I change the life of someone for the better it makes me happier than anything else in the world. Thusly I prsue my cause of making people TRULY happy by making something of their lives and at teh same time I make soemthing of mine and I'm trule happy perfect circle of happiness thats what Just causes are all about. Any way, back to your stament in my line of work I see perty much people quite oppisiter of your discription. They aren't lifeless they arent hope less they arent neglecting the world at all. They are concerned, they are presueing a cause, they are using thier good atributes and reconizeng life. What they are doing with it though is SOCAIL! They are happy having freinds! They enjoy the company of others and they use their abbilities to get closer to people they enjoy! Sure its what alot of people do but that doesn't make each of them any less of a person does it? Don't be so hasty to judge them. Give them time to fully mature. ( Of course there are some out there more than few that are like you described)

    4th- "Now listen I dont want to be another face in the croud I don't want to be the grain of sand at the beach. I want to be the ocean controlling the current...... understand what I'm saying. I care for respect and when kindness is shown it should be rewarded."
    First off what I'm gona say- "To understand ones meaning one must first understand ones meaningless-ness." Don't just jump in. Screw the fame fortune the recongition thats worth nothing to a true person of cause. You need to be conserined with happiness remember that old document I forget what its called ( sarcastic) it said something about "Life, Liberity, and the Prusit of Happiness." Think about that. Sure thoes things of center of attention and being rewarded and respected are nice but you have to ask yourself are you really going to be happy? Whats the point with out happiness? IF you will be happy and your don't care for thoes things your cause is honerable.

    Overall nice, I don't know everything and I don't claim to. You don't have to take my advice and for teh record nothing here was meant to be deragotory. Just don't think your ready to take on the world yet you have a lot of learning to do! So Do I and so does everyone else but what matters is that your trying


    Your doing good Kid, With a little work and a maybe (from what appears to me ) a little less selfishness you can make it.

    I'm at a point where I only get sad if I see someone else sad. I'm ata point where I can honestly say "I am willing and ready to drop everything I have to help someone in prusit of a just cause" I don;t mean I'll be with you side by side but I'll give as much help as possible.

    Some quick advice ( Gosh when is this gona end)
    Dont get cocky
    Dont think too highly of yourself
    Always strive to make yourself a little better
    Try to make something each day make your goal that much closer
    Think often about yourself and if this is right for you
    Think of the concequences of your actions
    Think of all outcomes of a situation
    Think of all paths your road of life can take you, Good and bad.

    Like I said eariler you don't Have to take my advice its there if you want it.
  6. Mizar

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    HAHA forgot soemthing -

    "No one ever succeded by success your have to fail first"

    DOnt get discouraged when you mess up or soemthing goes wrong. Failures are just as important as success you can learn more about yourself when you fail that you can when you succed.

    I can help you alot give you some great advice on how to get happy if you want some more info u2u me. or jsut ask here I'll be ... MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP!

    Ah I love being happy....:lol:
  7. JcMinJapan

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    I have been saying this same thing alot, especially on ATS. I have stated almost the exact thing. the Earth is but a grain of Sand in the Cosmos. We are really microscopic in the scheme of things, a few billion things living on a grain of sand that cannot get along. It is sad to think that we cannot get along when we live on something so small. There is not way of changing the HUMAN MIND on a grand scale by yourself. Although, the more people that join and do small things in their community will make things a bit better and hopefully encourage others to do it as well.

    I applaud you that someone your age is able to see all of this and actually cares. Most people are looking for popularity and could care less about others. I myself never really fell into that trap either. As I am getting older, I can see now that it was a right choice as all of those high school popularity stuff really means nothing now.
  8. mscbkc070904

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    IF you want to help and make the world a better place, heres my advice, since you are 15, learn from us who already know, not all of these will work for you or have the results you may want, but the attempt and strife to achieve them is more than doing nothign at all.

    1. BE YOURSELF - Do not waste your time with people who are worried about how they look, who they run with, or whatever, in the real world, it wont matter. I myself, was myself, I used to get hackled about what category I was to be placed in when in school. Like are you metal head?, jock?, geek?, prep? No I am me, if I dress (mid-late 80's) like a metal today and a jock the next, thats my perogative. I am being me. Yes I have a higher IQ than most in my school, but I also lived a hard life with a very dysfunctional family, I did run with the wrong crowd, had g/f's that were of all types. But the important factor was I was ME, I knew who I was, not what everyone wanted me to be. And because of that I learned alot, may not have progressed alot, but I still knew who I was.

    2. STAY DEDICATED TO YOUR BELIEFS - If you believe in something, believe it dont be persuaded by those who dont share your views. If you want to unite the world, then do the best you can. Even if its a small acheievement, its a start.

    3. STAY TRUE TO YOUR FAITH -all I can say there on that.

    4. RESPECT FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS - no matter who they are. Kindness kills meaness always, seen that first hand, its pretty neat to see it. If not they just walk away.

    Hope that helps I have more but I got sidetracked and lost my thoughts, if I regain them I will post them here. Good luck. Just need more youth like you. Education is the best thing you could ever have. learn all that you can, makes you that much better of a person.
  9. tablet

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    One way we can make it better is to think about our actions. On a global scale we're all interdependent and each and everyone of us have the ability to influence each other. It's very complicated if you think about it.

    We just have to do our best and hope for the best.

    [Edited to make it compact]
  10. Ape

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    Thank you all you dont know how much this means to me. I've felt alone in my goal for so long thank you for the guidence and thoughts. And anyone one eles reading please leave your thoughts.
  11. junior_smith

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    you need total commitment and dont let the 'wisdom' of others change your mind, its hard to have an open mind and also stay strong with you hopes and dreams.
  12. marg6043

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    It's so refreshing to see the inocent views of the young and free before the harships of adulthood takes away some of them.

    Everything comes in stages and we all experience them in one way or another, as we get older is good to hold at least a littler bit to the childhood inocence we onces had.

    Never allowed life struggles take away to much of what you now offer so freely.
  13. Ape

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    Are you implying what I'm saying is child inocence? That I don't know the real world? My age has nothing to do with what I'm saying just because I'm 15 doesn't mean I don't know what's going on around me! So your saying I'l grow out of this? Your sorely mistaken. This is what needs to be done but humanity is too involved with themselves to relize this! There thinking of themselves and not the future. There views are limited and think on the impatiente quick results road then then actually getting there hands dirty.
    And think of this hows your life treating you? Have you done anything to better the .......
    wait I just relized something to what you all said, If everyone does something small to better the world thats a big change but .... it's still the same no one is remebered in history but as a group. It's just ... that well It's not enough for me.... I want to be remebered I know thats selfish but is not wanting my life to mean nothing and all I care for never known again like dust in the wind selfish? I don't know I'm just confused. If theres anything I hate it's probably being the same as everyone eles like i said before. I dont know nevermind. I'm just lost. So many questions and i can't find the answers.
  14. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    Then is my goal to be remebred? I dont want that. That there is selfish. But ..... i just need some help before my head explodes!
  15. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    forget it none of you understand whats going through my head.
  16. tablet

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    God bless American. :shk:
  17. marg6043

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    Well my post was a compliment I guess you are a child after all, I had two an 18 and 21 and both of them had the same thoughts as you, you will get over it.
  18. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    I'm rarely srry for my action but ...srry. i took it the wrong way. You tried to complament and I threw it back at you that was very rude of me. I was just a little lost and confused. But thank you for the kind words you left and not scorning back as I did to you. I dont understand everything as much as I want to, and I took off the frustration on you srry. Please except my apoligy..
  19. marg6043

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    Don't worry about it you are very smart and very open and I like that, I brought up my children to be just like you, and always said what they feel about, and question everything the don't like.

    I am also a teacher of middle school children.
  20. Ikebana

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    Awokenmind...Ok little youngin''s some advice from a really old lady...people like the ones you are talking about haven't matured yet, they may have reached a certain age, but age is all relative, because it is the maturity of the mind and the soul that matters...nothing else. You overlook those kind of people that seem to bother you so much, don't worry about them, they will catch up in their own time. Instead, just go on the way you are, educating yourself about the world you live in, and because the world we all live in is volatile in these times, we all need to first spend our own personal energies trying to diffuse the violence and hatred. It starts with each person, inside. Many young people are starting groups and alliances, and getting involved in projects for peace. Many are making changes right in their own family, schools, and towns. It sounds like the world could use one more like YOU. :yes: