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Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Mizar, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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    Ok i know that global warming has been the subject of mny threads in the atmospheric forum but i had to make a new one because it just wouldnt fit in any.

    I woke up this morning and started thinking like always and i came across this thought.

    There is a lot more evidence to prove there are decresing levels of carbon dioxide in the atomosphere than there are evidnce that there is a large increase that is traping heat in. well ad certain chemicals, substances, and compounds have different specific heats, meaning eaach heats up at a different speed, i think that mabye global warming could be because of this. I think that an atmospere without carbon dioxide has a lower specific heat than one with carbon dioxide so when sunlight and heat hit outr atmosphere it warms up the meidum faster and it gets hotter faster. where as if it was carbon dioxide it would take longer to heat up but the density of the atmosphere would do a better job insulating like the theory is based on. think about it if the leading global warming theory says that earth is being insulated wouldnt that mean it is also blocking heat from coming in? it works both ways.

    I now think that the atmosphere warms up faster without carbon dioxide and that would mean less heat is needed to get us at a certain tempature where as a carbon dioxided atmosphere insulates and keeps heat in and keeps heat out.

    i know that my idea would mean we may have harsher winters but i thouhgt about that while i was typing this and it was a stupid idea the winters would be warmer too. Because even though you weer "father" from the sun you would be cooler but the transmission of heat would still be greater and yet agian the area would warm faster.

    i mean in space things cook becasue of the heat form the sun if we had a thin atmosphere wouldnt we also?

    tell me what you think
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    i know the that new fridges are run with only CO2 in the air, so keep things from going old (something that lasts only days can then last months!) at first when i wrote this i though CO2 cold i could use this in my reply, now its not looking liek a good answer, but i dont want to scrap it all . . . maybe if i explain my reasoning people will understand.
  3. junior_smith

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    here's a theory,
    all organisms on earth are the size we are because of gravity and pressure, the less gravity or presssure the bigger you are, the more the gravity/pressure the smaller you are.

    now, we know there was a period in which the water level on earth ws much higher than it is today, and what organisms roamed the earth when that occured? the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs were massive, bigger than the elephant (think of the braciasaurus). so when it was hotter there were bigger mammals, when it was hotter there had to be less pressure/gravity, and we know gravity wont fluxtuate, so msot likely had to be pressure.

    now, switch to present day. and you are probably saying, that doesn't relate to us at all in present day, well think of you father, if ur a man and ur mom if you are a female. are you taller than your mom/dad?

    if this is a trend maybe the lack of co2 pressure in the atmosphere cuold be the reason for global warming

    (if i am wrong in any way please correct me)
  4. junior_smith

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    what the correlation im proopsing is that the hotter the environment the bigger the worlds organisms are
  5. Mizar

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    i see the logical connection now you need to find out evidence if your right or if it could possible do anything

    these would be great research ideas
  6. junior_smith

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    i will look into it, also we should ask Z's help because hes a geologist and he would/should know about these things
  7. JcMinJapan

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    I was reading an article and cannot find it now, but there was something interesting. A professor (sorry, forgot his name) at the University of Utah found that people developed black skin about 1.3 million years ago to help protect the skin from the sun. Well, the ozone layer seems to have a direct effect on the color of peoples skin. It seems that when the Ozone layer thins then the skin will get lighter. Not sure how all this tie in, but it would seem like the world is getting paler then. This may be a good reference or study point to see the effects of the thinner ozone layer. Maybe you could compare skin colors to the areas with thiner ozone layering to the areas where there is a stronger ozone layer.
  8. switchblade

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    i know that my idea would mean we may have harsher winters but i thouhgt about that while i was typing this and it was a stupid idea the winters would be warmer too. Because even though you weer "father" from the sun you would be cooler but the transmission of heat would still be greater and yet agian the area would warm faster.

    Earth is at perhelion (closest) to the sun during winter. Does this add anymore insight into your theory? Good thinking regarding different atmospheric compounds and their heating/convecting etc properties. Have you had anymore thoughts about it lately?
  9. kiwirobin

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    Wow what a great line of thought.
    I don't know too much about this but I have read that the average volcanic eruption creates more greenhouse gases than all mans pollution for a year.
    Maybe there's a connection to periods of earths geothermal activity here.
    Depictions of the jurrassic age tend to show much volcanic activity, maybe this supports the large size of the dino's. as you describe it j-s.
    Could it also be that the gases which cause gloabal warming reach such a density to begin to exclued solar heat eventialy triggering an ice age?
    I heard another theory also, that with global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps the high water table caused the earth to reach a point of radial inbalance causing it to flip over it's axes.
    I can imagion this would be enough for an extinction and quite possibly an ice age also.

    Just a laymans thoughts on the subject.
  10. Mizar

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    There have been studdies and the ammout of CO2 expled by natural causes is alot smaller than man made.

    I am yet to further my idea n any way.
    1. I don't know where to start really
    2. I dont have time to get info.
  11. kiwirobin

    kiwirobin Premium Member

    I stand corrected Mizar, like I said I haven't really studied this area.
    If you want I can help sorce some info. for you, do a little leg work so to speak. I find the idea fasinating.
    Just let me know what you need in a u2u. and I'll get on it.
  12. mscbkc070904

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    Very good thoughts, got me thinking with what little I know. But its very interesting.
  13. bodebliss

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    After reading this, I know the state of climate change knowledge disseminated generally is poor. The three greatest threats to man are extreme volcanism, asteroid impact, and nuclear war. These threats outway everything else. They rate 10's and 9's . Climate change rates a 3. Disease rates a 7. Economic turmoil a 3 or 4 depending on whether it leads to war or not. Low education rates are causing war, pestilence, disease, and starvation. I'd rate it a 6.

    95% of CO2 is produced by nature
    Who's afraid of CO2?

    Skin color is a directly caused by how much sunlight over generations your ancesters were exposed to. The people of India and the middle east are caucasians. So are the Scandinavians. The biggest diff between humans is within races not between.

    Ozone is lightest at the poles and thickest at the equator, where it is produced in large amounts.

    You have to prioritize your fears. The biggest threat to your well being is traffic accidents, job loss, disease, and food poisoning, if you live in the developed world.
  14. overrocked

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    Majority of C02 IS made by nature. Global warming is in a natural upswing of temps because of a cycle where more and more greenhouse gases are being trapped by the atmosphere. Man-made C02 IS only contributing and speeding up this natural process. But- C02 IS not the only greenhouse gas

    My thoughts on your theory-Mizar
    Radient heat usually escapes to prevent global warming. They can't escape because of the insulating factor- That is why these gases are called greenhouse gases. They don't prevent sunlight from heating- they prevent heat from escaping. Like in a greenhouse?

    The History of global temperature changes has shown that this current cycle increase in temps will raise the ocean 20-25 feet. How long this takes to melt the polar caps, change the ocean currents, and bring on the next ice age depends on how much WE really contribute to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

    Again, I agree with bodebliss on the facts that CO2 is created by nature and is in our atmosphere because of nature for the majority. We are ONLY causing this global warming to speed up.

    I would worry if I were living on the coast, living in a flood plain area, living in an already cold northern state in the US, or if I lived in Europe. I would worry because it may become a lot more expensive to live comfortably- I wouldn't worry unnecessarily about surviving- I would be concerned about crime, pollution, and cost of living......

    Good night, and Good Luck