Sociology Hypocritical Society, Whya Re We So Confused?

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    Recently I posted a link to a site, and a day later i recieved a U2u from a moderator, telling me that the thread was put in the trash do to the nature of the adult jokes on the site. And he said children come to this site.

    The question i have and have discussed in my book that i am writing? Ask why is it such that we have to be 18 years of age to purchase or rent "porn" however 14 to rent a movie of violence and of killing. (i live in canada by the way if your age restrictions are different)

    why is this? why do we prefer are children to see pain rather then pressure?
    Is it society's way, the system's way to inscribe fear into the minds of are young ones, in order for them to feel a sense of vulnerbility there by following the rules and embracing the system. Is this propraganda? i dont know however what do you guys think?

    Relgion is to thought, as bureaucracy is to communication, nothing but antagonists for information and enlightment.
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    I think this issue is inherently a US issue. I don't see the same preoccupation with the "evils" of nudity and/or sexuality in the UK, Europe or Down Under. This seems to be an entirely US obsession - and I do mean obsession.

    When the movie Titanic came out on video years ago there was a company where I live that would remove offensive material from the movie for you. One of the busybodies from my neighborhood left flyers for everyone about this company and how to contact them. I asked her what she had removed - she told me the nudity and sex scenes. When I asked her if she had left the scenes in with the dead children - she looked at me like I was nuts.

    Now I am a parent of 10 and 9 year old girls - I never gave a thought to my kids seeing Winslett's #@!&%, especially in the context is was used. But I did have real reservations about them seeing the aftermath of the ship - especially the children. So I can respect someone elses decision to disapprove of my choice - I still should always reserve the right to exercise those choices, just as I respect theirs.
    F102 you spoke of age restrictions - in the US you must be accompanied by an adult guardian to see or rent a movie that is rated R. R ratings cover not only nudity but violence as well. So there is no double standard with respect to the government. The double standard comes down to the individual or a group of like minded individuals like the PTC. You'll love these guys - They are organized, well funded and miss nothing.

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    Yes the US has many restrictions and thats because people go all the way out on a limb to make a 15 min of fame, strike a cause, recognition, make a buck. Although I will say there is some content I wouldnt want my son watching, however, there are some things that should be just left alone.

    Like the Titanic movie mentioned by Bleys, yeah erase the #@!&% shot, all BS, that was art in my eyes, cause thats exactly what was being portrayed, but leave the scenes of dead makes no sense...can have one without the other. To much crap out there...too many bans on things...some in place i agree with others I dont.

    And alot of it is claimed as violation of constitutional rights...I tell you this as far as the US is concerned...many yrs back the constitution was hardly ever mentioned, nowadays, OMG its the principle of every argument, even for terrorists. Damn lawmakers screw up everything...all to make a buck
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    Ask yourself why sexuality is fine to be used to sell just about everything, but there are so many rules and taboos against it. Even today in the news, there is a law being passed about seeing one's underwear above their pants, however it is ok to have half nude women selling toothpaste on tv. America is assbackwards in many respects. What can I say?
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    Well why do we even consider nudity taboo?
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    I agree with you on this by the fact that a site I used to admire because it shown women as art not just nudes (also if England had the same laws as US that would've made them worst) but, I no longer have respect for the guy that made it because he turned it into a porn site with just nudes everywhere and no longer "Art style" and one point I made not too long ago is Dr. Graham got on MTV and yet they still restrict it like its the worst thing ever. Then I would flip the channel to the news show or a news channel and I could watch stuff they ban from any other tv. (even movies have more respect than that) Another question is why is it ok to show the most morbid stuff then turn right around and if they add "Adult Content" kids then can't see it. I watched "Cat in the Hat" the movie and I yelled me head off cause its for little kids yet it had more "Adult Content" then rated R movies that I watched. Like oortpower said "Why do we consider nudity taboo?" really i mean the US society acts like hell open its gates when they see nudity yet what really confuses me is they act like their trying not to be religious, now even Christians are considering it ok since really we're born nude so are animals. See them making clothing and wearing it like us. No, our reason for clothing should be for keeping warm not to hide ourselves from the world. Why is it ok to stare at a underwear ad but not a nude picture? And I really couldn't believe me eyes when I seen an ad on how revealing the underwear was. I watched 2 movies one was PG 13 the other was R the PG 13 had more violence and had nudity in it yet the R one wasn't near as violent and no nudity the only difference was the time they were made if the PG 13 was nade as recently it wouldn't be allowed the nudity in it nor near as much violence. The US has the most assbackwards Government and Society I ever seen. Oh and why is it ok to have women with their bodies painted yet not even clothed be allowed to stand in parks and walk up to kids yet the same kids can't see a woman nude in a movie? Now if that aint backwards I don't know what is
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    oh yes and games are worst they have killing and all sorts of violence I wouldn't want small kids around and yet they're sold to any age but, don't worry not a bit of nudity in any as far as I know:ch:
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    What the sad part about all this is, all in all, lawmakers and politicians are out to make a buck and name for themselves. Eventually all things we view will be washed away by bearucracy and its game. If anyone has ever seen the movie Equilibrium, well thats sort of where OUR society is leading too.
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    Um I missed that movie, but I have seen cartoons that look like what our future includes: babies born at factories instead of in their moms, so of course their DNA altered, computer chips put into their brains so they can communicate the same way just faster and they could be like robots, they loose all entertainment, all they do is work, fight, and die (how boring?)
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    Have any of you read Brave New World? Its about a future with a rigidly controlled society, with genetic classes i.e. Alpha, Beta,etc. Nothing really is taboo though, they have movies with a technology that makjes them feel real, they are all pornos. Nudity and sex are considered the norm, especially random sex. Non-damaging drugs are used by everybody. ll births were controlled by the state and normal vaginal births were considered taboo and disgusting. It's like the opposite of todays world, and if any of you want a good read this is a great book.:up: Anything at all these days though is so uptight its like this :ban: everywhere.