Physical Science Hydrogen Molecules For Sale!!!

Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by Tebbo, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Tebbo

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    Coming to you at a limited time offer, I am selling you ACTUAL HYDROGEN MOLECULES left from the Big Bang!

    The Big Bang, as we all know came about from the common theory that "Hydrogen Molecules" clustered together and combusted into what we call our universe!!!

    Yes folks these molecules are authentic because the big bang created the universe and therefore hydrogen molecules must be left over. Well i've found some and have coupled it with a standard of oxygen to keep it stabalized through travel! Folks i have such a great deal here you would be a fool to pass up the scientific discovery of a lifetime! in fact i'm selling 2 count em 2 hydrogen molecules for every oxygen molecule! That's twice the Science and Twice the discovery!!!

    Yes folks if you ask now you will recieve a 1 liter bottle filled with our "Big Bang" molecules. Feel free to experiment as you learn about the creation of the universe! What's not to like?

    The call is free so what are you waiting for

    Call now - 285-7448 !!!!!!
  2. oddtodd

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    Funny ! will this come with a chemichal catalyst or an electrolosizer so I am able to claim my hydrogen molocules from theire bonded partners and use it to make boom booms ? or is this just some kind of scam?????
  3. helenheaven

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    I'll buy some as long as I get some C2H5OH with it

  4. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    ok , I have my own electrolosizer AND PEM FEUL CELL !! send me your product as described , and I will seperate the hydrogen myself and use it for DC power if I cannot make a boom boom device on my own .

    I hope your product is all that you claim ! I am expecting two(2) atoms of hydrogen for every one (1) atom of oxygen that you have used for a transport medium . The rest is up to me , and as a disclaimer : I will not hold you responsible for the purity of your sample if it is everything you claim it to be ....
  5. Tebbo

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    see folks, these are just the FEW uses for my magic substance. Call today!
  6. Thank you I have my own stored in 55 gallon drums. Will freely donate for the right cause.:p