Astronomy Humans in Space: Are they needed?

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    I cam across the article below and thought this would be a great discussion.

    I agree with the scientists view above, but not with the reader that voiced their opinion. I do feel that their argument is valid, but in the scheme of things exploration is just as important.

    Human missions to mars and other planets are surely needed. The robots are able to only do preprogrammed tasks and are unable to deviate from those tasks based on new findings, humans will allow for mission changes and adaptations along with a human sense of understanding. The robots are wonderful in preparing us for human exploration, but a human is needed to fine tune the exploration.

    Now, to say that exploration is not needed is definately a wrong choice. This world can be hit by a massive meteor in the future. The sun will get hotter as it gets older and sooner or later, we will be out of the SAFE ZONE. The planet will get hotter and storms will become more massive. The Earth will one day be unliveable for us any more, so eventually we will need to move to another planet if we want mankind to survive. We are just in the infancy of space development and understanding. We will need decades if not centuries to understand the universe, technology, and planetary systems enough to colonize successfully. If we do not start now, how will we be able to move a planet full of people from impending doom. I say, do not wait for another generation to start it. Study now while we have the time and chance.

    The people that go to space know the risks, there will always be risk to human life in any new endeavor. We cannot be 100% safe especially dealing with the harsh hazards of space and space exploration. But, the people that die gave their lives for something that they believed in and something that will advace the planet as a whole. The shuttle disaster was a great loss to the world, but there were things learned from the accident. Things that may save alot more lives in the future. Please do not think that I am being cold, as I had tears for each of them. But, I do not htink that they died in vane and that missions will be safer in the future because of this. They are true heroes. I would take the jump to space in a heartbeat even if it was very dangerous. Why? Because it is something that I believe in and would actually take the risk of dieing for. They are true heroes and I am sure they would not want the space missions to stop.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    You know it reminds me of my airborne ranger days. Back in jump school we knew the dangers of jumping from planes, but once you've had the training, and they open that jump door, you are going to jump even if the devil stands between you and the door. Talk about ready! We only got 4wks of rough training, and they get 2 years or more of rigorous training.

    I think if you told them, 10% of the time you may not return, they would accept that and go anyways.

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    How can we go where no other human has gone before, if we're not on-board?

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    Space is our next fronteir. The spirit of exploring and adventure stirs in every human in one form or another. We are children of the stars. I say lets go back home. WE NEED people going to space. Hell or high water. People often ask," But it's so expenive and costly! We aren't geting any thing back!" How far from the truth. NASA gets a small budget. Big deal they make mistakes. Its for the good of mankind. Space has broguht and can and will bring the greatness of human kind. By leaving this planet we can take industry to space. TO THE MOON!!!! and slowy clean earth. Free for people and nature to clean. The bounty of space is often overlooked. We are mosly concerned on the immeidiate gain of programs. We don't have a hind-sight to see that in 100 years this will make the world a better place. We don't see it mostly because alot of people are selfiish and say" I won't see is so I dont care!"

    To the stars. TO our future. To our life. We have no Idea. Had we had more tech from space the whole Tsunami disaster could have been avoided entirely. We never know.
    but what I do know is space will save us from greater disasters in the future most notable the saving of the human race.
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    We just watched a television segment with these men talking about the same as in the original post here. It was interesting. I think that exploration in space should absolutely continue. In fact the rocks from Mars show that there is a high concentration of phosphorus and the type and appearances that it came from water. They spoke on the show that they do not believe the one rock was from frost etc from atmosperic dampness on the planet but rather from eons ago of the planet having had water, much like that of earth. Maybe human life did come from another planet, maybe they polluted their planets water and ground supply and came here because they found it air in which they could breathe. Doesn't it seem strange that in the Tsunami, sea life had the ability to either know or get out of the area as well as the animals on the islands? They seem suited to this planet and live within the natural elements and warnings of nature here, but we humans do not seem to have the same ability intuitively. We must have machines and still we do not seem to be able to live in any natural state of nature and survive. Our bodies do not seem to be equipped. :lb: