Human Biology Human extinction "imminent" warns researcher

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    Human extinction \"imminent\" warns researcher

    A top New Zealand researcher is using a prestigious award ceremony in Christchurch to warn that humans face extinction by the end of the century.

    Professor Peter Barrett will be presented with the Marsden Medal tonight for his 40-year contribution to Antarctic research, latterly focusing on climate change.

    The director of Victoria University's Antarctic Research Centre expects to use his acceptance speech to warn climate change was a major threat to the planet.

    "After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction," Barrett said. "Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of this century."

    Barrett won the award – designed to mark lifetime achievement in the sciences – for his research into Antarctica, which began with helping prove New Zealand was once part of the Gondwanaland supercontinent.

    He then changed disciplines, to predicting the impact of climate change. The result was a body of research on Antarctic ice sheets "which to our surprise is becoming increasingly relevant to the world as a consequence of global warming".

    Barrett's warning underlines comments he made last year that even the Kyoto Protocol on global warming would not be enough to avert a climate disaster. The United States and Australia have refused to adopt Kyoto protocol measures.

    "Research on the past Antarctic climate has an ominous warning for the future ..." he said.

    "We need an international commitment to an effective solution, if we are to survive the worst consequences of this grandest of all human experiments."
  2. Agreed at some point in our path, we are going to use up our resources, maybe its back to the iceage again? Is it true that the polar icecaps are melting? Lets hope not.May we all live in peace.:yes:
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    I doubt the populous will listen. They tend not to.

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    Human population will face a down fall for over using resources but I don't see an imminent extinction but more of nature diminishing the human species as to balance itself.
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    humans have over populated the earth, too many humans too few resources, and t=with the population growing all the time who knows, but I doubt I'll be alive when things go wrong.
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    The so call end of times is still many years ahead of us, but as we become less because over used of resources the earth will replenish faster that we can imagine.
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    Ultimately, we become extinct if we cannot leave this rock. We will either use resources too much and run out, the earth will have such crazy weather that we will all die or be forced underground by a heating sun, or the ever preset asteroids that are will widely invisible to us. It may be a century or may be millions of years, but we will eventually have to leave. Space research is needed for when the inevitable need to leave this rock and vacate to another hospitable place is needed. Evacuating a planet will not happen over night.
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    If evacuation is the way out (and in a few billion years this will be the only option)then it would be interesting to see all the world leaders argue over the nothing that is left .

    Only those rich or powerful enough will be "onboard" for the final flight , and all too often they have the least amount to offer for the continuance of mankind in respect to the organism that the world actually is....

    Mother earth does not notice that we are here (as is evident with the most recent natural disaster) and mankind will find itself a scab that is scratched off the surface with no afterthought .

    Don't worry ! Plenty of time left to pollute and deface this wonderful garden !

    Party on George & co. !
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    It's probably allot less dramatic than this scientist makes it out to be. We are still in an Ice epoch which could last 100 million years though some scientist believe we have already gone 40-60 million years of that. So we have thousands of ice ages to go(if you like ice).

    The last inter-glacial allot more of Antarctica melted. we may have 15,000 years of inter-glacial to go.

    scaremongering that's what I see, but my home is at 400 ft above sealevel. It aught to increase in value if the sea rises 120 feet, don't you think?