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    Sleeping in Greatness and late rising are natural bedfellows

    Quit and Get ahead Be fearless ! Quit your job! You have nothing to lose except your anxieties debts and misery!

    Skivving Skivving is living in the moment;it is freedom;it is at once a snook cocked at authority and a pleasure in itself

    Conversation Don't talk about it do it ! is the modern mantra, to which I reply, 'Don't do it, talk about it'. If the thing talked about is worth doing, then it will get done in its own time.

    Coffee or Tea ? Coffee is for winners, go-getters, tea ignorers, lunch cancellers, early-risers, guilt ridden strivers, money obsessors and status-driven spiritually empty lunatics....We should resist it and embrace tea, the ancient drink of poets, philosophers and meditators.

    Lunch A proper lunch should be spiritually as well as physically nourishing. Cosy, convivial, a treat; lunch is for loafers

    Social Life Staying in is the new going out

    Meditation You can meditate on an aeroplane; in fact aeroplanes are ideal for contemplating the infinite mysteries of the universe since your head is literally in the clouds

    First Drinks And with one drink, the wage slaves of the day are transformed into thinking, feeling, laughing, independant human beings. We are own masters once more

    Hangovers The problems of the hangover stem partly from the fact that generally we are trying to behave as if we didn't have one....Plan for the hangover: don't fight it

    Source: Sunday Times, NZ Oct 31

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    i like this!

    but you see i have one problem though
    if your tryign to be happy and not get caught up in all teh troubbles of life and enjoy it you have to not worry and not have anexity. I have dont this for about 2 years by doing most of the things you mentioned but i have run into a problem with this.

    See i decided to be fearless, to not worry, to live each momoment for what it was to try to be happy. Well i have done a good job and im a verry happy person but now im exactly what the topic name is "Idle" i fell now that im not worried about school not worried about tommorw, that i dont get scared and that i simply enjoy things that i have taken a major part out of my life. ive lost that excitment of life the runaround the " wow this is an itresting situation im in i wonder how it will turn out" i fell that ive lost a cruical part of living by cuting this out of my life in my prusit of toatal happiness.

    but none the less i am happy i just dont fell as if i am AS ALIVE as before.
    so if your looking to become happy you can follow these ruls as a guideline but never loose what you started out as.
    "It is important to change for the better but never forget who you were."
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    I'm not sure what this thread is all about. :puz:

    Life is to experience/experiment. If you're bored of one thing, move on to the next. Surprise yourself, diversity will makes you feel alive. When things are new to us, we tend to explore with urge and desire which also makes us feel alive. After that, it's done. To have that same feeling again is to start with something new. A baby that just got into this world is very happy and excited because.

    But I would say "You are as you change.". For whatever you do, whether it's 10 years ago or yesterday... it all now becomes "memory", they're not real anymore. The "real" is that you're holding on to that memory. That is the real part.

    So, start all over, start new! So that later it becomes yet another "memory" to be remember.

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