Chit Chat How The Maori Make Vodka

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by helenheaven, Nov 3, 2004.

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    mmmmm... vodka! Leave it the dancing cat to bring drinks into the mix. (pun intended) For the slow ones: Drink into the mix or Mixed Drinks. ;)

    Maybe this should be in the science fair forum! ha ha ha
    But, remember kids.... NO UNDER AGE DRINKING! We at Ignorance Denied denounce ANY form of under age drinking!
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    BTW, this was an advertisement aired on Television last year. It was pulled after complaints were made to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.... I wrote to the company and asked them to email me the link....which they duly did.

    There are a lot of puns / innuendoes in it that I expect most people outside of NZ won't the Maori faces super imposed on the bodies are prominent Maori....

    There is a picture of Temuera Morrison in the cooking eggs bit...a reference to the movie about domestic violence when Temuera says "cook my eggs b****"

    And, of course, all the references to Australia !

    but hope you found it amusing, like most NZers did !

    Am not endorsing the drinking aspect. KIDS do not try this at home
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    But do it outside your yard instead! :D
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    That was eeeeeeeeeexcellent....!!!!
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