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Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by Mizar, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Mizar

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    How much water is good for you each day? and can you drink too much in one day? I know that you can drink too much in a short time, something like 64 Oz in under 5 min will result in water poisoning. but can you get a sort of long term poisoning? or OD on water if you drink too much in a day.

    Just courious because I drink alot of water and I mean ALOT.
  2. JcMinJapan

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    I drink about 5 liters of water a day, I have done it for many years now. Water from what I have heard it very healthy and cleans out your system very well. Actually, in weightlifting they recommend drinking alot of water every day.

    Never heard of water poisoning though. I will have to check that out.
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    I think someone did over-hydrate themselves and die . I will look it up . It was a man who pushed the envelope of 8 glasses a day .

    8 cups of water is a half gallon , 8 pints = a gallon .

    I do know that distilled water will disolve the minerals in plant soil , so there are the trace minerals that are needed in filtered water to avoid sucking the life out of your plant soil . I don't know if this is the same for people...
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    Overhydration occurs when the body takes in more water than it excretes and its normal sodium level is diluted. This can result in digestive problems, behavioral changes, brain damage, seizures, or coma. An adult whose heart, kidneys, and pituitary gland are functioning properly would have to drink more than two gallons of water a day to develop water intoxication. This condition is most common in patients whose kidney function is impaired and may occurs when doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals administer greater amounts of water-producing fluids and medications than the patient's body can excrete. Overhydration is the most common electrolyte imbalance in hospitals, occurring in about 2% of all patients.

    From the above link, it also says however that this rarely occurs in people whos organs are functioning properly. If a healthy person drinks too much they just go pee a whole lot. :roll:
  6. JcMinJapan

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    Well, also remember these few facts from there.
    I drink about 3-5 litres (1.3gallons) a day and have for many years. No side effects. 7.8 litres or 2 gallons a day is ALOT!
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    mizar will reply soon

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    You are healthy , it seems one would find out quick if they have hidden organ problems by drinking a couple gallons a day . SOme water pushing guru did die of this (still looking for a link) , but he was older and probably had undiagnosed problems .

    Do you drink filtered , distilled , spring ?
  9. Mizar

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    OK lets see I drnk about....

    9- 13 glasses of 16oz

    so thats uh

    on average 176oz
    ( I multiplied by 11)

    And I have no clue how many glons or leitres that is
  10. oddtodd

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    128 in a gallon . So a little over 5 quarts , same as JcM .
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    Actually, mine is litres not quarts..... ;)
    I drink spring water, the water is from Hawaii. Actually, I have one of those water dispensing things in my house. I have it delivered and change it about once every 4-6 days.
  12. bodebliss

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    i've heard of brain swelling from too much water and passing out in critical condition from it.

    It's what your used to I guess.

    Most people regulate water with salt . The Brittsh army as policy did for centuries.

    I think it best to make sure you get electralytes(sodium,potassium,chloride) with that as it could cripple your hearts functioning.
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    I drink on avg 2 gal a day, but I also, move around alot and sweat...sometimes I feel i cant get enough water, so I throw in a dr pepper here and there and that sort of quenches it a bit and fills my stomach up. I know, you would think drinking dr pepper would make me more thirsty for water, cant help it that I am retarded.
  14. oddtodd

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    booze trivia : Dr. Pepper and rum tastes the same as Captain Morgans and coke .

    you are not retarded...
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    msc... right the more exercise, the more water is needed. I workout almost daily and sweat alot while at the gym. I will go through almost a litre by itself at my workout. Then after, probably another... the rest of the day is water throughout. But, also, I do not really drink soda or tea or much of anything else. I love water, no idea why, but I would actually rather have a glass of water more than most drinks.
  16. Zsandmann

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    Same here, I drink 3 32 oz Nalgene bottles a day, about half of JCM I think. To channel my grandmother, 'Its good for the colon.'
  17. overrocked

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    8 OZ PER HOUR:bnghd:

    Many people hiking the Grand Canyon drink too much water-
    If you don't correct the electrolye imbalance or eat some kind of snack - YOU BONK-
    It is hard to eat when you are exercising and hot- much easier to drink- but it can be dangerous to drink too much.

    My rule of thumb of 8 oz is just a guide for hot weather hiking- and planning. Many desert hikes don't have a water source at the end of the day- so ya gotta haul that extra 2 liter if you want to get back to the trailhead.

    I also use a combination of lemonade and cytomax to make an electrolye replacement drink for rest stops.
  18. JcMinJapan

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    Well, now this is getting a bit away, but overrocked has brought up a good point. Just before I exercise, I usually have a high protein drink with alot of carbohydrates or eat at.... yes.... McDonalds..... Now, the reason is that I need the quick energy to get me through a tough workout. If you only drink water then you are not supplying your body with the energy that is needed to get you through the workout, hike, sport, or other activity that you are doing. Right after I exercise, I take multi-vitamins and have a high protein with LOW carbohydrate drink. This replenishes my body and allows it to use the vitamins and protein to heal itself.

    So, drinking only water during activities is bad for your health and you need to ensure that proper nutrition is given. If you eat well and exercise, then alot of water a day will not hurt you at all.