Technology How does the handrail on an escalator rotate?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by websurfer, Dec 31, 2004.

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    The question is how does the handrail on an escalator rotate?


    As you can see from the above figure there is a considerable amount of friction between the handrail and the material it's resting on.

    ANALOGY: stretching an elastic band around a ball, and letting it come to a relaxed state. As you can tell, applying a point force to one point to make the elastic band rotate around the ball would be considerably difficult, causing the elastic to break.

    Everything described above is how I'm visualizing it. But according to that visualization it would be impossible for the handrail to move.

    How does the handrail move?
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    Thats very...interesting.
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    By the nature of your comment, I edited the first post, as you may have mistook it for me answering my own question.

    Here's the new info added.