Metaphysics How controlled are we?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Ape, Mar 20, 2005.

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    Well ok I was watching like a marathon of Cops on Tv and started wondering on how controlled we are. I mean anytype of law-enforcement is meant to keep the peace right? And all these laws seem kind-of cage-like would you agree? I mean I know its for the good of "keeping the peace" but I don't know, it just seems kind of depressing for some reason. I haven't found the words to put it in. I don't know, don't you ever feel like your mearly a puppet? Like someone is showing you delicasies just to keep u undercontrol? And if u disrupt the peace then the consiquences are the POlice. I dont know how to put this in words yet. I need someones help on this. Think on whos making this all happen? And whats his, her, or there plan? Do we have too much or not enough freedom? There are many ways to go about things. theres the easy way and the right way. What are we taking? The way were going just gives me a wrong feeling like it's unstable or too stable and something needs to be done or it will be too late. And people don't relize whats going on cause there too caught up with themselves and the media and the celebrities. I don't want to sound like a conspicasis hippy but I'm just curious to see if anyone else has thought about this? Well have ya?...........dude?
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    Well I cant say to much, but there are laws out there meant to keep the peace, but there also a ton of laws that give criminals more rights than the victim. And in the US, some laws are not harsh enough, in some countries, laws are enforced and kept simple, violate it and the punishment is severe, some countries dont play the court ruling crap, or mental insanity pleas, or emotional distress, unless there is clear evidence. Some dont have that huge delay that we have, commit the crime and expect to be in court within days to a week later. In some countries, you commit a haneous (sp) crime, you can be executed or made as an example to the public, seen those before.

    They had a guy commit rape, publicy his trial was held, and publicly he was castrated with a machete. Another commited murder, and was hung. This was in the Middle East, wont name the country, cause they dont really announce these.

    In Saudi Arabia, if you commit a crime on Friday, you have til next Thursday for reckoning or you are tried and found guilty. 99% if you were arrested, you commited the crime. So if execution is a result of your crime, it will happen Thursday. But thats if you are a citizen, most times, noncitizens are extradicted to their own country, unless, the country denounces you or doesnt want you back.
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    I've often felt that way too. Traveling around the world, gave me the oppurtunity to better balance my subjective feelings. A good example of this type of feeling gone awry, is the story of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh. He apparently watched the Waco scenario unfold, as did we all, but felt so outraged by the control factor that he laid out a plan for revenge, and look were that got him........
    Rules are made to be broken, but there is a certain understanding that comes only with life's experience, that opens one's eyes up to the rationalization of public policy and top-level decision-making. Remember, that anytime you apply for a large loan, you're required to produce collateral, while this seems offensive and controlling, the financial world wouldn't give you a second look, and would take everything you signed for, before you could draw another breath.

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    Umm, I have a thread leading to a book.... Well read The Gathering (which contains one thing about this), and you will find that we are all too much controlled. Like a river rushing onward with pieces of driftwood in it, we are swept along and can do nothing to stop it. For example, if a policeman abused me and I filed a claim, who do you think would win? A young teen or a venerable and honest looking cop?
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    Yes, Angel, but there is the individual, and that is our own personal key to open doors with. While it's true that the privileged will have the doors opened for them, they often often overlook the right of passage inscribed with the blood, sweat, and tears of each individual contribution.
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    i think that "they" give us just enough freedom so that some think that everything is ok because think about it if they had complete control there would be the resultant loss of humanity or free will.

    Yours, Truth