Technology How Can We Trust What We See?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Sep 27, 2004.

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    Is It Real or Is It Photoshopped?

    An original (left) and doctored (center) image. The image on the right was generated by two algorithms for detecting digital tampering.

    Back when “photography” meant film and negatives, few people could convincingly retouch a shot of President Bush giving his State of the Union address or craft a realistic photo of John Kerry at a war-protest rally next to Jane Fonda. Now that such possibilities are just a mouse click away, computer scientist Hany Farid of Dartmouth College is developing mathematical tests to identify altered, potentially misleading images.

    Each digital image contains a grid of pixels that encodes information about color and brightness; collectively, the information in an image tends to form a distinctive statistical pattern. Farid and his students have so far developed six algorithms that detect disruptions in that pattern, including those caused by differences in the resolution or graininess of separate original images. If part of a photograph is rotated or scaled to match (as was done in the doctored Kerry-Fonda snapshot) such manipulations will show up as well.

    Farid is sharing his mathematical code with federal law-enforcement agencies. He anticipates that the technology will eventually be used in courts to validate crime-scene photos or other digital evidence. Pixel sleuthing, Farid recognizes, will make a forger’s job more difficult but not impossible: “No matter what we develop to detect tampering, there are ways around our detection scheme.”

    I'm not sure how this technology will grow. This is just getting scary what code is capable of doing!
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    Well I would have believed that photo, but the sky in both is the exact same, it's things like that, that take away the effect of a good picture like that.
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    Yeah, but if you only saw one of them you wouldnt see the difference right away. You really cant trust anything anymore, Photo edvidence isnt good enough.

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    i kow this feeliong all too weel, i loeft ATS because i got soo frustrated with people coming from both angles thinking they are rihgt, and both having proof, however you can't tell if either of their proof is true.

    you can't be sure at all with anything anymore, expecially when you trhink of conspiracy because it becomes a fine line between crazy and the truth.
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    Face Generator (Morphases)

    Have anyone been here?

    Morphases - More Faces

    Make sure your browser can view flash and have javascript enabled. If you're on 56k, it'll take a while to load once you click on the "Generate face". To begin, just click on the GENERATE FACE. There you can create new faces out of existen one. Here's my test.

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    digital photographs aren't good enough, but film negatives and the like are still much more difficult to fake. Of course, people don't usually have access to them and the like.
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    Tapes and other types of evidence are usable as fact if you can prove the location of the evidence at all times after the the event. (i.e. the moment the camera has taken the picture til the moment the camera enters the courtroom)

    There is a certain procedure to proving this, I am not sure what exactly it consists of (I think they have to at least be sealed in a plastic bag), but i can get more information if anyone is interested.


    P.S. I realize this seems to contradict what i said before, this is because I have been Denying my own ignorance :)
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    Real case of Doctoring
    On 9 April 2003, the front page of the London Evening Standard (circulation: 400,000) contained a blurry image supposedly showing a throng of Iraqis in Baghdad celebrating the toppling of Saddam Hussein. What we are really looking at is an incredibly ham-fisted attempt at photo manipulation. / server maintenance
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    has anyone heard of the bush ad that got in trouble?
    well it was an add with bush speaking or something at a rally, and inthe background were soldiers, and one soldier's face apeared at least 3 times! i read this in a newspaper and i will try and get a link for you
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    with the tv/real life pics alot of them are just moment when they catch them, and they aren't totally unaltered either, tabloids make money off those pics the worse they look the more they sell
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    The above photo are Art of Makeup. Just to show you what artist of make up can do.

    A magician once made the statue of Liberty disappear. At that very moment the entire audience fell for it. I don't know the method the magician used, but have a look here. Which are similiar.


    note to mod:
    delete that thread... I just post it here cause it makes more sense that it belong under "how can we trust what we see?" thread.
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    I've seen the real clip. This is fake.