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Discussion in 'Website Support & Announcements' started by Mark, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    I currently have a couple of videos on our home page, but I am in need of some home page ideas. Content.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Derek

    Derek ■֎؜♫■ Staff Member

    Something that would be cool is a video showing the changes ID has taken since inception. Like those timelapse videos of the season changes.
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  3. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

  4. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

  5. Kramer

    Kramer Premium Member

    Just as being able to handle Mobile traffic and being ready for the next big thing, The first impression is a lasting impression.
    You cannot be all things to all people so you have to be true to yourself.
    When I first staggered into ID I was a bit intimidated. My Spelling SUCKS (OH, Can we please get a better spell check system here... If I remember in HTML days it was attaching a dictionary or something...) and my ideas and memory are not what they used to be, or, what I once thought they were.
    Be true to Mark and the genuine nature of you, and your interests will guide you. If others are not interested then so be it.
    I Love talking religion and politics with the people who come into my store. Most are greeted with a Hey Brother or Hi Sister and sent away with a God Bless.
    I don't fear being controversial because that is who I am... And I get more customer compliments than anyone in the store... Even those who disagree with me at least appreciate that I am me.
    God puts people next to you for a reason, be thankful for them.
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  6. Derek

    Derek ■֎؜♫■ Staff Member

    Beings the Hunt seems to be the most talked topic here, maybe dedicate the home page to that but let the visitors "see" there is more to this website than just Fenn's treasure search.
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  7. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    I am in the process of changing the home page, about us page, and sidebar content.

    Started last weekend day, and will be adding textual content on the home page. I have enabled marquee images and want to have 5 to ten fade in/out inages promoting different aspects of the site.

    I am thinking on the lines of more self promoting of the website as a root landing page.
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  8. Kramer

    Kramer Premium Member

    Not sure if the web spiders work the way they used to but there could be some interesting tease lines embeded that would make any searcher visit.
  9. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    I think I should avoid spider click bait. Google is pretty smart, and very vengeful when they find keyword stuffing on a site.

    Unique content is king. And that is what google likes.
  10. Kramer

    Kramer Premium Member

    Unique may be king, but if it applies to a small group of unique people then traffic suffers.
    Its not click bait if the content really exists.
    Speaking only of the chase, I think there is enough true content here to give most searchers a lift.
    There is little you could say or use as bait that the site does not have.
    25 days to YELLOWSTONE! 23 if I don't count today or the day we fly out.
  11. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    the home page looks like this is an educational forum

    I would swap the legal issues for paranormal

    And deny the I for classified (the title confused me)

    Maybe only maybe combine science or some other technical forum and add something dedicated to medical and health wellbeing stuff

    If the earth science forum would be called just earth I would put in automatically all the environmental issues/worries

    But I don't know if conspiracy is something you want this forum to be oriented on

    Also add religion (it's a massive topic)
    Ufo & cryptozoology
    Military stuff/drones/wars is talked a lot about
    9/11 is still huge
    Then space for things like nibiru/Mandella effect
    Music/movies/video games

    My first impression of the home page is that this forum is dedicated to computer related things

    Just throwing in some ideas

    Oh and I just noticed I think not sure if that is my eyes some titles are bold and some not

    Can't stress out lound it's the most content adding user friendly forum I have ever seen that I can upload straight from my phone like really that is gold. And that staff is so easy to talk to and always handy and interacting massive points for that too

    General feel : it does feel like I can be here by myself and I am not scared :)
  12. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    Great feedback. Thank you.

    Bold forum titles mean new posts in that forum unread.
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  13. Derek

    Derek ■֎؜♫■ Staff Member

    Thank you Layaly for all your comments and posts in the forums, I am really digging your enthusiasm! :pbjtime:
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  14. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    I get it now with the groups my bad:( and yes I ve noticed the bold too much later. And I can see it on the home page too now don't know where I was looking.

    Question: can you take over the ufo group by any chance? Also I don't know how to create a banner I would just like a simple chat bubble logo.

    I have to say one thing that you trust your members like this and that we can create our own groups guys that's massive!!! I never ever seen this type of platform before it's like Wordpress (I think that's the word I am looking for) you have no idea how happy and special and creative that makes me feel (I don't mean to spam your site like I did I am just overexcited I will calm down). That we can be in control of what we create is yeah wow I love it.

    And you are so nice I hope I won't ever upset you guys
  15. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    I figured it out LoLo :) :) omg even an illiterate like me can do it ! Tweet this is so cool. I will add you in as modes I hope that's ok :)
  16. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    Yes groups are an extension of the members interests. That is what they are for. Of course all members are bound by the site terms and conditions, member guidelines, and privacy policy by use of the website. But I rarely have had any issues with anyone. Most people do not have bad intentions. The rest I can take care of.
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  17. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    No need to answer I am just curious

    When were and how did you guys get most of your members

    If I counted it right you have approximently 9new members a month since you started
  18. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    Last thing and I will leave you alone. With the groups I don't know if you can edit them. I swear I zip it after this

    The club rune could be changed to general gaming.The computer and software Microsoft 10 and Windows and domain could be subgroups and there is two paranormal groups. It would be also cool if the banners all had a darkish background (the Windows is blue and the computer groups and classified) it makes the name of the group stand out
  19. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    pops this into suggestion box & slowly backs away :)the members without avatar, the question mark makes me sad :( something like this but instead of vip it said id or id member.

    This is how it would look like
  20. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    Members who join have the option of an avatar.

    Those who that do not use an avatar, the avatar is replaced by a gender symbol.

    And those that dont select a gender in their profile and do not have an avatar, a question mark is displayed as an avatar.
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