Technology Home Designed to Produce Energy It Uses

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Cinderloft, Sep 5, 2004.

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    I love this new trend of making homes SCU's (Self-contained Units) It not only saves a lot on energy, but you can sell it back to the companies most of the time and it doesnt put a drain on current resources, which can leave the infrastructure susceptable to failure in various situations.
  2. Derek

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    Well, that page is no longer available...

    I would love to make my home self-contained.

    I can take some classes at my local Union Hall on the Photovoltaic side of electricity, I would like to know more about utilizing Solar energy than I already do. I already have an understanding of LED type lights, and am in process of reconfiguring all my current 120v lights into low voltage LED's, I will try to keep an update here on how much of a difference these LED type compare to the standard tungsten 120v light in install and usage, illumination differences. :)
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    Thanks bode!

    This will help in gathering up the info I need to hopefully start implimenting this technology in the near future. :)