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Discussion in 'History' started by Ape, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Ape

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    You know people say history repeats its self. I think it's totally true. People come to a problem and get an answer but what if in the past someone had the same problem? and the first solution isn't the best and the present person doesn't know that, thouse history has repeated itself. Does anyone know any examples of history reapeating itself? Just curious.........
  2. junior_smith

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    guerrella warfare has been through the ages then swapped for tradition formations
  3. helenheaven

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    History never repeats
    I tell myself before I go to sleep
    Don't say the words you might regret
    I've lost before... you know I can't forget

    Yes, history constantly repeats itself, many people don't learn from their mistakes, or as the lyrics above imply, they are blinded and fall back into the same mistake.
  4. marg6043

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    Humans tend to go through the same mistakes like helenhaven said, if we look at patterns in the history of our world we see that certain events tends to comes back, now how we deal with them does change.

    In personal matters we do the same thing, we tend to repeat the same mistakes of our parents and for that we repeat history again.

    Or we tend to do the same things that we did in the past with the same results.
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    History repeats itself constantly. On a bigger scale, nations tend to not learn from their mistakes and continue to repeat them over and over with the same end result, but different way to the end result. Thats where change comes into play, huge change in order to keep from repeating history. Like a job, you may not be happy in one job place, but go to another, its the same job you did, just different atmosphere, but with time, its the same as the other place, just some things are slightly different. Unless you change professions or get advanced to where you are no longer doing that job specifically, your history will repeat itself over and over.


    its the same foot just a different colour shoe . ride it cowboy