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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself @ ID' started by blanketgirl, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. blanketgirl

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    hi people,

    I've been reading ATS for about a year (so I know most of you more than you know me from the last month I've been posting)

    I'm 23, have a 1 year old toddler girl and a 7 year old cat. (talula)
    I used to help a lot of pagan rights groups online... they taught me to be good and paranoid about everything hence this being the first BB i've ever posted on without spending a good year looking into it...
    okay, it's too early i'm going to stop typing now.:cool:
  2. tjack

    tjack New Member


    Nice to have you around, blanketgirl, you're wise to lurk and get a feel for a place before posting.

    Welcome aboard!
  3. DreamLandMafia

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    Hey Blanketgirl!

    Welcome to IgnoranceDeneid...where you are among your own kind...hunters. still adjusted to ATS's emoticons.
  4. JcMinJapan

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    Glad you are here... We hope to make this place a place where people will feel free to post right away. No need to lurk :).

    Great to have you here, I look forward to more discussions together.