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  1. Unes

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    I was borne in Iran. I grew up practicing Islam up to age of 23. Then I stopped believing the established religions. I've got a bachelor degree in Physics from Tehran University. I moved to US in 1972 to continue my education; I got my master degree from SFSU.

    I wrote a book that showed some evidence about the existence of Mighty God.
    Here, I wanted to discuss the issues of my book, and to hear your opinions.

    May God bless us all,
  2. Mark

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    Welcome to ID Unes.

    I look forward to reading your posts. As you see, we have a variety of categories with many subjects that you may find enjoyable.

    And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a staff member a u2u.

  3. tablet

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    Welcome to ID Unes, glad to have you here. :up:

    I can't wait to hear what you have to say about almighty god.
  4. Bleys

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    Welcome to ID Unes - it's great to have you aboard!

    I too am interested in your views of God - it will make for an interesting philosophy discussion.

    Feel free to U2U anyone on the Board if you have any questions - we're all one big family here.

  5. mscbkc070904

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    Welcome Aboard Unes! I would like to hear more about your book and views, hence I want to take a theology course when I go back to college. I find religion fascinating and to better understand different types of religions and views as well as the culture of the religion, helps us understand and educate ourselves better.

    Look forward to seeing you online.

  6. oddtodd

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    Howdy Neighbor ! Pacifica here ! This place is full of open minded ,ignorant free people . You might want to share your thoughts on science vs. religion . It would be nice to hear an oppinion from someone who has experience in both fields !

    Looking foreward to your posts and welcome to ID !
  7. Icewolf

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    Hi, Just got up, I hate that time difference,you'll find whenever i'm awake you'll be asleep (and vice versa) but anyways, welcome to the interactive experience we like to call ID. Hope to hear from you some time. If you have any problems u2u me, (or better yet someone in power) Have fun.

    - Ice -