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    Ok, we have talked about almost dieing before, now, like death, the chance to be a true hero to someone comes maybe once ir twice in your life. Well, unless you are a fireman or police etc.... But, for us normal Joes it is actually a rare event. Please post your most heroic event or even if you are strong enough post about a missed opportunity that you wish you would have done something when you had the chance.

    I will start... It was when I was living in Korea.... Now, roads are always packed in Seoul and the drivers are insane... Trust me, I have driven in Korea and it has to be one of the worst places to drive, especially for a modern place. Well, needless to say, I was on the bus on a Highway heading to my girlfriends house for dinner. The bus comes to a halt suddenly right in front of an accident. I was looking out the window and saw cars trying to drive around the 4 cars in the accident. They were even driving around the people laying on the road. Well, there were 2 people laying on the road and 3 of the cars were basically totaled.... One of the cars was smoking pretty bad. Well, I did not think at this moment and got up, about the same time two or three other men on the bus got up also and we asked the driver to open the bus doors to let us out.

    It was a mess, the guy on the road was in very bad shape with alot of blood and definately a severly broken hip or pelvis. The car that was smoking now had flames coming out of the engive and there was a lady about in her mid 20s lying unconscience. Two of us tried to pull the door open, but is was not budging.... I then broke the rear window and layed my jcket over top of the ladys head and then we broke the drivers window. We pulled her out of the burning car. I was so scared, wondering if the car was going to blow.

    After pulling her out, we checked per pulse and she was breathing, so she was going to be fine. We then ran around to all the cars to make sure that no one was stuck inside them.

    We had about 4 people helping and two police officers on motorcycles were finally able to make it to the accident. I checked the guy with the broken hip and made sure that people did not move him at all.

    Well, a man in a white van stopped to help and the police asked him to take the people to the hospital as it was obvious the ambulances could not make it for a while and a few people were in bad shape. The police then spray painted AMBULANCE on the side of the van (not sure if that is a custom, but I did find it tad strange.) Well, we carried each person to the van and then it came to the guy with the obviously broken hip... We tried not to move him as much as possible, but he was in severe pain and it was easy to tell. He was in very bad shape. (I still wonder if he lived.. he was that bad)

    Well, we all got in the van and the police escorted us to the hospital where we helped the doctors get them in the hospital. The police thanked me very nicely and so did the Doctors and Nurses. Myself and two of the other guys were heading in the same direction and the policeman told the taxi driver to take us home and they would pay later.

    Well, I got to my girlfriends house 3-4 hours late and she was very upset that I got blood on the new shirt she got me for my birthday a few days prior. Well, you can tell about how long we ended up dating after that remark.

    But, it was amazing, I was not thinking of really anything and it all just happened and it seemed to all happen in slow motion. I would have to say that it was one of the most fullfilling expeiences that I have ever had.

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    Wow, I am the only person to ever have done a good deed! :pbjtime::pbjtime:

    Come on... no one has done something to help someone else? Remember, a heroic act does not need to involve pulling someone out of a burning car..... Being a Big Brother or helping someone in need is being a hero as well. Giving a homeless person food and hearing a kind word.... making some smile... something that made you feel that you really helped someone and thus made your day.....

    We usually only hear about the bad or negative things... Lets get some positive stuff going........
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    Well, first I want to talk about Seoul...
    :lol: Well I am Korean, and the last time I visited Seoul the drivers were really bad.

    Now to heroic acts...
    Well, I can't say I really did something really important but I think I helped catch a fleeing dog once! :lol:
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    Not so much heroic , but humanistic :

    I had an elderly couple walk by my house as I was sitting on the steps reading once . The man kept shuffling along while the woman asked me if her husband could use my bathroom to avoid an accident , he was very upset and said he couldn't make the climb to the second floor .

    I carried him up like a baby and stood him up in front of the bathroom and opened the door for him , made his wife some tea and he came out very relieved and thankful about half an hour later . They stayed another half hour and I was late for work .

    My explaination was met by a blank face of my manager (who was very angry at first) who said " good for you , I'll get you some help setting up your station"

    Same house different day : Screeching tires and 2 crash sounds had me running down my street to a car resting with 2 wheels on the ground (left side wheels) and the other side on a hood of a car . It was at that balance point that it could have rolled off the hood and onto its side or roof . A woman was trapped but in good shape and I had her open her hatchback with that little lever by the seat and took her 6 year old daughter and 2 year old son out of thier seats and waited til the firemen got there .

    The real hero was the little girl , she would not reach over the seat to me until she had unbuckled her brother and pushed him into my arms . Still brings a tear to my eye....

    Do good deeds , the karma gods are watching....

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    JC, that's one heck of an event. I don't know what I would do in situation like that, but I do believe that in time of danger and chaos we all surprise ourself.

    According to the age poll we conduct now and again alot of us here are young!! Still going to school and learning ABC, how on earth can we do Heroic Acts? :lol:

    edit: Don't worry JC, i'm sure alot here have done good deed they just SHY to talk about it.

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    Well, we had many with near death experiences... I thought more than myself, Angel, and OT did something nice to help others..... ha ha ha:mnky: