Puzzles & Games Here's a good one.

Discussion in 'Puzzles & Games' started by junior_smith, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    Here\'s a good one.

    To solve this you have to decipher te encrypted message and then solve the riddle.


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  2. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    need a hint?
  3. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Why not. Give us the hint cause we're still climbing the rope.
  4. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    could you tell us what method you used to encode it? letter replacement, encoding, etc?

  5. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    i don;t want to give away the type of encoding cause that has to do with riddle itself.
    ok here is a hint on the way to decypher it if you get to that point
    the jacksons sang about this being as easy as abc. (soo easy)

    and a clue to the code itself would be.
    first devised in the 20th century
  6. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    I won't touch this one. I'm saving it for other to try. And no, I don't have the solution to this one.
    People who are trying to solve this one should take it easy, don't rush. Visit Stenography/Cryptography
    thread to get some bullet if you want to shoot this one down.

  7. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    do you want the answer?
  8. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    If you give them the answer now, you are training them to beg for answer later.

    I can't even find the time to study decryption to crack pizza's one. I'm sure alot of people are are as busy as I am.
  9. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Hmm the first answer is 123's
    The 20th century thing is pretty open ended.

    Well looking at the grouping and spaces Id say its a substitution code. Those look like words. THe TT however leads me to believe its either not english or else its a number, ie. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 ....
  10. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    nope its not a number,

    here is another hint, it was first divised (to my knowledge) between 1900 and 1950
  11. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    let me gues 123 = 1923?
  12. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    no the 123 is seperate you will need that when you dind the cipher
  13. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Hmm anyone have an apiphany as to how to solve this? Ive tried several things, no luck yet
  14. Spookyvince

    Spookyvince New Member

    Hey all!! My first post on ID!

    What has been divised for the first time in the 20th century is the atom I think...

    But I still don't see well what it has to do with that...
  15. Freelance

    Freelance New Member

    It looks a lot like the enigma but without know the positions it would take me a few hours to come up with the asnwer.
  16. Gramblestump

    Gramblestump New Member

    This one been overlooked?
    I thought it would be a regular substitution like Zsandman until I saw the TT also! I imagine the enigma machine would have been devised in that period.
    I considered telephone too but its not sms keys.
  17. Derek

    Derek ■֎؜♫■ Staff Member

    ive rsha ll ing withec omps

    Well I have deciphered it to read like this so far, but it still does not make sense.....

    I did an anagram finder on it and what came out was still nothing that makes sense, I have not read through all the anagrams yet though....
  18. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor" album by Moody Blues
  19. Austin

    Austin New Member


    Me no like this one... racks my brain...