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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by malik, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. malik

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    Does anybody know any biblical characters or famous individuals that have had interracial “lovers” or in other words are married to people with a different ethnicity from their own? (and the union was successful despite the controversies that boarder interracial relationships!)

    Thanks very much
  2. Bleys

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    Just my thoughts....

    The Old Testament, specifically the Torah, is the only part of the bible that talks about being with someone outside your race. And it's really not a white-black-blue thing, but a Jewish vs. non-Jewish thing. It is also a man vs. woman issue as well.

    Look at Abraham for instance - he took his servant Hagar and bore a child with her, Ishmal. If the bible is to be beileved, she is the mother of the Arab people. Not too long after Abraham's first wife Sarah bore Isaac and became the mother of the Jewish race. There is a reason Abraham is the "father of many nations."

    As to famous people - there's a few I can think of like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Tiger Woods. Their shelf life seems to be about the same as same race couples. Now 50 years ago you didn't see a whole lot of it. Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth were open about it. But Otto Preminger (sp) hid his relationship with Dorothy Dandridge, but he was married to someone else. Comes down to times have changed - thank god.

    Now tell us why you asked?


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  3. malik

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    Because I just want to see whether Inter-racial marriages were common at all in the biblical characters. (I am not very religious-and so I honestly don’t know if multi-racial marriages really existed back then) I have heard that Moses was married to an Ethiopian woman and that the two sons of Noah also married interracially. I am not sure how relevant these claims are!

    Rest assured my intentions for starting this thread was not to debate whether interracial relationships are accepted, should be accepted, common, or successful but whether or not they were practiced in the olden days.

    Another reason is because some people say or (me) I think that the progeny of interracial marriages are smarter or sorry “genetically” better. I don’t know for sure but it makes sense.. the best of two worlds! For example as you have mentioned Tiger Woods, I believe he is multi-racial progeny.. and a very successful athlete. (Probably not the very best of examples….LOL)

    Thanks again
  4. Bleys

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    Just my opinion but it really is irrelevant to the story. The Hebrew preoccupation with racial purity in the bible was really no different than many other cultures at the time. And when it gets right down to it - they all married outside their own faith/race. An example of saying one thing and doing another.

    David, Abraham, Noah and their descendants all had wives from different races. Again, if the bible is to be considered accurate then after the flood only Noah and his family survived. His sons Ham, Shem, and Japheth represent the three known races (by known I mean there is no reference to Asians, Native Americans, etc.) Religious scholars debate whether Ham represents the Egyptian/African races, that Japheth fathered caucasion and Shem the middle eastern Syria, Persia, Arabian. It seems kinda silly when you think about it, but it is an attempt to explain a world of many colors.

    A couple of sites you may be interested in-
    Descendants of Noah
    Hamitic answers
    Origin of Nations

    A couple of other things:

    Because the idea that Ham was a descendant of Cain and he and his descendants were ordained by god to be servants for all time - this was used as justification for the rape and plunder of africa over centuries.

    Also Moses did marry an Ethiopian woman Zapporah who was the daughter of the sheik of Media - Jethro (?). Some racists claim that she was of white skin so it was ok for Moses to marry her (audible eyeroll). Others say she was actually a Cushite. Regardless both justifications are pathetic and sad attempts to minimalize the HUGE contradiction of Moses marrying outside his "race" simply because he loved her.

    Tell me what you think about the links -


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  5. malik

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    Wow..thanks for the great info.
    The sites are different, but interesting and full of knowledge. All of the sites were a good source of information on the division and the origins of the human race and ethnicity.
    Jesus Christ is the descendant of shem interesting, I had no idea.
    So the Jews are descendent of whom, shem or Japheth?
    “In Search of ... the Origin of Nations” also seems like an interesting read!