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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Fitzpatrick, Feb 14, 2005.

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    24 divided by 8 equal = 3
    24 divided by 12 = 2

    So i thought that if you divide 24 by the number between 8 and 12 which is ten youd get the number between 2 and 3 which is 2.5, but you dont you get 2.4.

    Can someone help me which my logic cos i dont understand
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    Thats the human math ....... :lol:
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    0110, 011010111110001010, 0,
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    You can get any real number between 2 and 3 by choosing an x between 8 and 12 in the equation 24/x. If you allow only integers (round numbers) for x, you will only get as much outcomes as integer numbers.

    Let's calculate the x that will give as outcome 2.5:

    24/x = 2.5
    24 = x*2.5
    x = 24/2.5 = 9.6

    9.6 is not an integer. The problem with your reasoning is with only allowing integers as x. There is a number between 8 and 12 that'll give 2.5 as an answer, but it is a round number.
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    The reason this doesnt work is because you are trying to make the ratio between the numbers the same, which doesnt work when multiplying is involved.

    think of the area of a rectangle.

    The area must be 24.

    the farther apart numbers are, the less area they create.

    For example 8X3 = 24
    and 12X2 =24

    you had to add 4 to 8 to get the 12, and only subtract one from 3 to get 2. Its all on a slope, notnice and even.

    Lets take your example to the extreme.
    1 X 24 = 24
    24 X 1 = 24

    so if we take the averages, 12 X 12 = ?

    obviously not 24

    Did that make sense?
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    Heres something else to think about

    3 old ladies go into town to buy a lounge . They find one they all like in a second hand shop for $30 so they decide to all put in $10ea.The shop owner takes the money and informs the 3 old ladies that he will deliver the lounge in the afternoon.When the shop owner speaks to the delivery guy he tells him that he is going to let the 3 old ladies have the lounge for $25 and hands the driver $5 .On the way to the old ladies house the driver starts to wonder how he is going to split $5 into 3.He decides to keep $2 for himself and hand back $1 to each of the old ladies.

    That means the old ladies have now paid $9 each for the lounge .3 x 9 = 27, plus the $2 that the driver kept = $29

    where did the other dollar go?:sing::sing::sing:
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    WOW where were you guys when our youngest just took his MidTerm exam in Algebra?:lol: