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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Icewolf, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Icewolf

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    i'm confused, if god created one race then what were the angels and archangels?

    If human, that would make lucifer human, i'm confused, can someone clear up my ignorance i'm not very good with all these religious things.

    (p.s maybe we should have sort of closer look, i.e closer look at christianity, judaism, hinduism??)
  2. Subdued

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    Now, according to what i know about angels, they are not human (what a surprise), and they are not made of flesh and blood. Secondly, who says that God created only one race? According to Judaism and Christianity, he created the human beings along with all the other things, i.e. the flora, the fauna, the planets, the angels, and probably some other living creatures which we don't even know about.
    If the question concerns some other religions, like hinduism or budism, i cannot give any exact information about them.
  3. Icewolf

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    yeah i'm not very good on the religion, but I was sure that somewhere through my studies it mentioned god creating one race, (i think it was inferred sentient) but who knows maybe if we get the closer look going it will clear this up.
  4. kiwirobin

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    Angelology is a complex idea that has been studied for centuries.
    This tradition is seen in Judism, christianity, islam and the Hermetic traditions.
    The roots finds itself in the older traditions such as the Egyptians, Chaldeeuen, Babyloniers and the followers of Zarathoestra.
    They all believe in different groups or 'choir's' of angels that form a hirachy in the same way as the tree of life in the Kabbalistic tradition.

    Other religions also use hirachies of deity's, spirits and demonds.

    Personally I interperate these as examples of the human condition, all parts of ones caracter and emotional capability.
    I view most religions as a quest for concious self, the goal being God or the higher conceous self.

    Most work from a basic trinity...

    God the father, our higher conciousness. Incompasing interaction and pre-meditation.
    Centered in the neocortex regions of the brain, the neocortex seperating us from the rest of all life forms.

    Jesus, the son, our learnt behavior. Subconcious interaction, mimicry through repitition. Our abilty to learn and adapt. Governed by the antediiluvian structures of the archaic brain, the neural pathways formed through our experiance.

    The holy spirit, unconcious interaction, our instinct.
    What we are as individuals and our bodies chemical ability to respond.

    Many other religions split our conciousness into many more levels, giving each human caracteristic it's own personification to try to explain it. and each it's own story as an example of it.

    The Alchemists tried to turn lead to gold, and used many chemical and mineral substances in different combinations for the 'Big work'.

    To me the angels are a mirror into my own soul, showing me my ability to react. They are one lesson to reach God( my higher self).
    I take all religious lessons personaly and studie them all as they all try to explain the same thing.
    The very complex experience that is me and reality.

    I have the ability to be God or the Devil, it is my choice which path I choose.
  5. Subdued

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    Well, i don't know. Maybe the expression "one race" is used in the sense that God created the human beings. But that, on my opinion, doesn't exclude other living creatures like angels or something else... "One race" is probably because the humans are pretty unique and different from anything else... I don't know.
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    From what I have learned, not taking the scientific route, Angels are not human, they are like a entity, a messenger of God, the hands of God, the voice of God. To some of us who may have had visual experiences or ran into one, see the angel in the form that is not "scary". They are more like entity of light, but with no eternal shape whatsoever. But we see them as human like form, so that we can relate more to them. None of them speak clear english or any language of this earth. Nothing they say makes any sense to us. But they speak a language that is not known of this world, its a very lost ancient language...aramaic is a subsidiary of that language they speak. When they do speak and we listen carefully, not to the sounds that emit from them, we can hear what it is they are saying, cause they allow that so you can understand.

    Most of you that read this wonder where I am getting this or how I came to this conclusion...lets just say, so you dont think I am all wacko, I have had my run ins and listened, read and discussed this with many theologians and paranormal scientists.

    As far as one race...we as humans want to think that we are that one race. I dont think so. If you go back to evolution, look at how many species have adapted and overcome environmental changes, social changes, geographical changes thru the centuries. Therefore, if there is life beyond our own planet, then there is a possibility there is many like us, but how they evolved or progressed is entirely dependent on the structure, environmental, social skills adapted as well as the mental capacity.

    Persay there is life elsewhere, maybe we are one species of the race that God has told us about. Maybe we are the better part of that race, or maybe we are at the bottom of that race. No one knows and most likely in the next 1000 to billions of yrs we will never know the true answer.

    Now if you believe in heaven and hell, even those who go to heaven will never get the answers or know all the answers to life and where its going.

    However, going back to the angels, there are angels, but there are those who have transcended upon to heaven, but not as angels, but as guiding souls who assist God in helping those who are in need that are still living souls. There are rules, for both sides, neither one can MAKE you do anything, YOU do that yourself, called free will. Now they can persuade you on both sides, but only by your beliefs. Like a GPA, every teaching professional gives you a 4.0 or 5.0 (depending where you are), its up to you to maintain that GPA. So, this is where God and the Devil, not so much them personally, but their comrades tasked to you influence you. Of course how you live your life is judged, not by others, but by God. Live it not according to God, then you will be judged, some who borderline, are given a chance to transcend upon heaven, those who do not are casted.

    I need to shut up, before I trip on toes here and turn this into a debate which is not. But its my 2 cents and its what I believe in. To each his own. Sorry if I went off there.
  7. mscbkc070904

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    Oh forgot to mention archangels are much like they are the voice of Lucifer. But angels and archangels balance both I said, there are rules, they ensure they are followed by those who are tasked, as well as having other medial tasks. Like when a soul is to go up and angel is sent to take that soul, if one is to down, an archangel is sent to escort that soul. No other is allowed to do so.
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    I am not sure about that... According to the Old Testament, before there were angels, there was only God. And God spoke to Moses, but the books doesn't say anything about angels being present.
    Or maybe it's just their usual appearance... If God created the humans with a similar appearance, as the Bible says, He probably created the angels this way too.
    Uhm... You know, it is said that Lucifer sinned and God sent him away from Heaven, and with him the angels who sinned with Lucifer... It is also said that God doesn't like sins because they're just the opposite of Him. In this case, it seems strange to me why exactly the archangels should be Lucifer's voice if he is not an angel anymore or a fallen angel? It would be possible, if you set the condition that all of the archangels are fallen angels. On the other hand, the Bible mentions archangels as angels, which contradicts the statement above. And... i don't think, God would send a fallen angel to escort a soul that goes to hell. Because God didn't like the fallen angels, and thus he cast them away from Heaven... At least this is according to the Bible. Well... i guess, i have quite a different view of this.
  9. mscbkc070904

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    OK OK OK, wait a second I got wrpped up in my thoughts last night and re read probably the best comprised article on angelology.

    As far as arch angels, there is only ONE ever mentioned and he is the servant of God, Michael. There are no archangels mentioned as far as Hell is concerned, but both sides do have an heirarchy. Here is the link, I was impressed on what I read. And when you get to the part about 3 different types of angels, Watchers are very much like the movie City of Angels.

    If this page doesnt work right U2U me and I will send it out again.
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    Nah, i am not interested in a philosophical or scientifical essays on religious subjects. The only think i might read on the subject is the Bible. But otherwise i wouldn't rely on a scientist's opinion as an authority... Religion is nothing empirical, you know. You either believe it or not. If you understand, you understand with your heart. You may read thousands of books and compare to thousands other practices and beliefs, at the end you won't be any smarter than you were at the beginning. You'll just know a couple more facts.:)