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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by oddtodd, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. oddtodd

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    OK , I have been renovating my apartment in exchange for reduced rent for the past 10 months and I am 2 weeks away from being able to unpack all my goodies .

    I have a bunch of wires , some incredibly powerful magnets , a bunch of little electric motors , bearings , selenoids , pizeolectric discs , capacitors ( one the size of a beer can) , a feul cell that converts hydrogen to electricity directly ( called a PEM membrane ) , some solar cells that produce up to 3 volts , and a bunch of other nick-nacs that need some assembly ideas for me to try out , and a digital camera for documentation .

    Do you want to to see something accelerate rapidly , something spin , something run off the sun ?

    Purduenuc had an idea for a rail gun that could be done with what I have on hand but I wanted some input and new ideas for some documented experiments that I can post results and pictures of .

    Let's hear em' !! Wierd or not , much can be done to help deny the I . You shoot me feasible ideas and I will try to make them real ... I will post some pictures of my supplies and materials in a couple days and welcome your input .

    No exploding devices will be considered !!! ( Disclaimer) but ideas regarding the accelerating of an object in the pursuit of physics knowledge are welcome . any math nerds out there are invited to help with the number crunching .

    I will post weights and details of the "ingredients" as I dig them out of storage ....

    So , it can spin , it can zoom , or it can collect power slowly and go ZAP !!

    Let's hear those crazy ideas !!
  2. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    I say you build a good ole spud gun, but make it hi tech so instead of hairspray and a lighter make it use the solenoids with an eltric trigger and compressed gas, it could use those little 12 gram CO2 like for pellet guns, or paintball CO2 tanks or you could pump it up with a tire pump. Your choice.
  3. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    i have plans for a possible perpetual motion machine, it involves solar panels so doesn't disturb entropy lol. U2u me if you want more info, i dont really want a visitor to come across the plans and patent it, because if it works i want to!
  4. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    Spud gun and perpetual motion machine !!! I like both ideas !! I want to use electricity instead of compressed gas ZM but I do have a solar electrolosizer that splits water into H + O2 . could ignite the H and propel something ...... junior_smith send me a u2u with your idea .... I won't steal it from ya , just want to see if I have the parts .( Solar panel would make it an open loop system as opposed to a perpetual motion device that needs no external input) .
  5. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Ok...... now with magnets and ball bearings. Ok, you get several magnets on a Track just wide enough to hold the ball. Ok, now if you take this straight track and place powerful magnets (lets say 5 for now) and get 6 ball bearings (about 1 inch in size), Now, you take the 5 magnets and place them about 6-10 inches apart on the track (maybe less??). Then you place a ball bearing on the left side of each magnet. Now, you take the left over ball and roll it towards the first magnet. As it get close to the magnet, the speed will increase. Well, when it hits the first magnet, it will stop and the 2nd magnet will be throw from the first towards the second magnet at a faster speed. well, this should keep repeating until the last ball and the speed should be very high. (make sure you do not shoot the ball through the wall :lol: ) . Ok, now take that concept one you have it worked out and it is working good, then create a sort of round track. Wouldn`t the ball bearings keep increasing in speed? this would be a cool experiment to see exactly what would happen. also, if you has a very small radius with the bearing, any chance for a sort of vortex to occur? Ok, not, but I love the science fiction in me. Of course you would have to get the bearings up close to the speed of light. Although, once you hit the speed of sound, I am sure you will hear a funny little noise!... ;) It would be awesome to see if you could get the speed up to the speed of sound.
  6. drlau

    drlau Premium Member

    Sam Barros (PowerLabs) has done some research on electromagnetic acceleration, including coil guns and rail guns. You have to see his Plasma Boy video!

  7. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    I just stumbled across that sight a couple weeks ago drlau!!! That kids resume reads like " just shut up and give me the job , I will let you know what my salery is at the end of the week " BRIGHT fella !! All science nerds shold worship him !!!

    Bookmarked !!