ID Introduction Hello mods.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself @ ID' started by EyeofIz, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. EyeofIz

    EyeofIz New Member

    I just came to this site. Seems promising. I look forward to reading and posting my 2c worth here. I am largely self educated, so I suppose much of what I post will be "speculation". Thanks to all for sharing knowledge. :up:
  2. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    Welcome Eye of Iz, hope you enjoy your stay. u2u me if you have any questions.

  3. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    I'm not a mod, but welcome all the same.:cool2:
  4. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    I am not one either... sooo sad,.. Only mods get the respect..... :shk:

    But, I am the number one poster on the board. I go for quantity, not quality!

  5. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member


    well I am a mod, so welcome aboard !

    (don't worry about JCM we only let him out after he's had his medication - which consists of magical beans )
  6. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    Welcome to ID from another Mod!

    ID family:
    Mods - (really wonderful group)
    Members (the heart and soul)
    Administrators (evil, evil little boogers)
    Super Mods (they do all the work and get so little recognition)

  7. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member


    Welcome and glad to see you searching for knowldge here!

    i too am a mod
  8. Magical Trevor

    Magical Trevor New Member

    Did someone say beans?

    You know... The cow saw LOTS of BEANS!!!!!! Yes, and SHE (yes helenheaven.. SHE) ate the magical ones also. So, if JCM runs out of them, she can show him where they are stashed!
  9. drlau

    drlau Premium Member

    Welcome EyeofIz!

    This is the place to be!

  10. OhIgnorantOne

    OhIgnorantOne Member

    Hi, I was on sometime back when this first started, but went through a major computer crash and the lost all my info :shk: so I say hi to you and also like to say hello again to the oldies too! Oldies? ROFL...if you only knew how OLD this old gal is! Anyway I've missed reading all this stuff and have had fun in here tonight. Yo! to all the elderly here and Kiss Kiss to all you youngin's!