ID Lounge has anybody heard of a special ops group by the name red cell?

Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by red cell, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. red cell

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    This special ops group was meant to test the security of bases, allowing the us military to fix gaps in the security of important bases and facilities . :up:

    comments please?

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  2. The Real Deal

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    Are they something to do with The Navy Seals?

    A secret Commando unit the government denies existing?

    I remember reading quite a while ago that they tested security at american bases but also aircraft carriers, air force 1 and submarines. They did covert ops using special skills and acting out the role of terrorists. I'm sure there is a film and even a book about them.

    What i understand is that they injured people and acted these roles as if they was real terrorists by taking hostages and such like.

    Was it necessary to use such force and gain the 'Physical' experience?

    In a way i would say yes as it would prepare them for a decisive attack from real terrorists.
  3. Mizar

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    You will get a better response art ATS with this one. They have hundreds of people who deal with secret military orginizations and groups along with secret goverment sects. Odds are someone there would have some Idea about it. If you have never been to ATS before it's our sister site and you can get there by clicking the Above Top Secret tab at the top of the page.