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  1. ilovepizza

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    Bill kills a man with a knife. As he is attempting to put the body in a trash bag Bill dies. How does Bill die? (the knife is safely in its sheath and cannot come out unless it is taken out. The dead body and the trash bag are the only other objects in the room.)
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    We play 20 questions at the holidays with teasers like this , if the questions get used up the riddle is explained .

    Is this all the information we need to solve this ?

    Bill killed himself , and didn't make it into the sack he was stuffing himself into (slits wrists?)

    I'm going to post one for you !
  3. ilovepizza

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    nope wrong answer!!!!!!! Here is the answer.

    Bill took someone hostage with a knife. Then he asked a friend to build a small air tight box arounx him and the hostage. Bill killed the hostage and as he was putting the dead hostage in the bag he ran out of air and died.
  4. Sauron

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    You're put in a room, it has no doors or windows ( no openings)
    All you have is a handsaw, and a wooden board (plank)
    How do you get out?
    No windows, no doors
  5. Already posted this one sauron. You take the saw and cut the board into two halves. you put the two halves together and it makes a whole. You crawl out through the hole.;)
  6. Sauron

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    That’s terrible I don’t remember ;)
    old age I guess;)
  7. ilovepizza

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    Why can't you just saw through the room??
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    i love pizza, can you give us more time to guess instead of just posting the answer next time?