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    I always go out on holloween with my telescope and when kids come to get candy i ask ethm if they want to look and i think holloween is a great oppourtunity to reach out to people of all ages that astronomy is something that needs to be preserved and cherished. I generally show off any planets out ( there are none this year) the moon and some star clusters like the pleaides. while the kids are watching i often explain to the parents how to cut back on light pollution to save energy costs and have better bills and help out astronomers in the process. i generally invite them to come over and see if there is ever a big event going on. it really does make me feel good to see little kids go WOW MOM LOOK AT THAT! and the parent thinks that " o a telescope how cute can you see crates on teh moon?" and then you point at 2 or three objects and th eparent is going O WOW! its also fun to point out constelations to kids.

    any way i heard this on todays StarDate which can be found at but anyway here it is

    Who ever said there isnt anything intresting in the sky we even have soapoperas!