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    And the joke is..... What would you call people over 400 pounds and under 5 feet tall ?

    I had a good thought on the accelerating universe . I was poking around in the archives and wanted to post an observation for everyones oppinion about what we presently know .(Mizar , are you there ?)

    I was just reading about the universe expanding and the methods that have been used to document the constant acceleration that everything except isolated clusters are experiencing .

    It seems that a large quantity of supernova about 6.5 billion years ago marked the beginning of an (until then) era of an expanding universe that was SLOWING DOWN .
    Then something happened that stepped on the universal gas pedal that hasn't been explained yet , and ZOOOOOM , off evrything goes !

    If the expansion began at a time of mega-multiple star explosions then my reasonig led me to this hypothesis :

    We have all been told about the "warped" fabric of space that has been proven to exist around stellar objects .

    I have seen the analogy of a bowling ball on a matress with the indentation of the fabric being a representation of curved space .

    What if the ball was to blow up (supernova) ?

    There would be an indentation that is now free to lie flat !

    I have also read that "space" itself is the object under acceleration and thought that just like a rumppled bedsheet being fluffed to smooth it out , that maybe the lack of "warping" by non-existent stars might make things speed up (smooth out) until the volume of stars has been compensated for .

    Just a thought ...(or 2)
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    Ok this goes to the How and Why questions. Will we find an answer for this, not a concrete answer, but maybe in an opinion state or theory. Good thought though.