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    Quack, Quack, hes' taking over my thread!

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  3. Mizar

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    mizar is a quadruple star
    mizar is a hot
    mizar is a language designed by a
    mizar is near another star
    mizar is al
    mizar is the "groin" or "loins" of the great bear
    mizar is a prime target for someone with a new telescope
    mizar is the only implementation of the mizar language
    mizar is the fourth lightest star in the big dipper asterism
    mizar is developing the utopia control strategies in cooperation with crf and later on with csst spa
    mizar is more cost
    mizar is really two stars
    mizar is an optical double
    mizar is one of the most well
    mizar is an usual bulletin board with conference system and file archive
    mizar is now also offering a range of ‘fleet services'
    mizar is in three 3
    mizar is a general term of a project that formalized the use of computers by the mizar society lead by prof
    mizar is the lucky star to shine over the project
    mizar is the star to luckily shine over the project
    mizar is formed in skopje
    mizar is a star in the constellation ursa major
    mizar is also a double star
    mizar is the middle star in the handle of the big dipper and at a distance of 88 light years
    mizar is available through anonymous ftp from
    mizar is a typed language and if f is a finite sequence of elements of a non empty set d
    mizar is essentially determined by the form of the proposition to be demonstrated
    mizar is to check the logical validity of inferences
    mizar is a compact
    mizar is a double star
    mizar is about 1 parsec
    mizar is the letter castelli sent to galileo on november 16
    mizar is a very small software house

    i kinda figured it would give me lots of star stuff
  4. junior_smith

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    hey odd, i went to it and entered race car but got the same result, darn thing must have broke
  5. Zsandmann

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    Awww it only knows Seth and none of the other captains.

    seth bullock is too bizarre to be true and dismissed my letter to be that of a crank
    seth bullock is credited for bringing law and order to deadwood
    seth bullock is remembered as an unofficial sheriff who kept law and order
    seth bullock is happy
  6. DreamLandMafia

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    It doesnt know enough about ANY of my pseudonyms.
  7. Zsandmann

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    Stupid Google, picking on me. Im inportant *hiccup* and Ive done stuff on the internet *burp* and Im not drunk. Just cause you hate me Google, doesnt make me *hiccup* go drink away my tears. *sob* Im fine, there something in my eye. Im swimmingly fine, swimmingly!
  8. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    I would do mine, but it is too much "pineapple is a fruit"

    BUT it does say i am the best :p

  9. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member is a funny site I had no idea about when I chose my name . Most of these refer to that , a couple actually might be pick wich ones...

    oddtodd is "one of those people who people wonder about

    oddtodd is a guy that has no job and no mon

    oddtodd is truly funny

    oddtodd is a wonderful site

    oddtodd is at it again

    oddtodd is the best

    oddtodd is the best online panhandler ever

    oddtodd is so great

    oddtodd is making a little bit of money off his hilarious flash movie about being laid off according to this wired article

    oddtodd is the one?

    oddtodd is a great flash cartoon about the day in the life of an unemployed dot comer

    oddtodd is to the unemployed as requiem for a dream is to the drug addict
  10. Aubiefan05

    Aubiefan05 Member

    It didn't know anything for "Aubiefan", so I tried my real name and these are some of the benign results:
    anne-marie is one of the nicest people i've ever met
    anne-marie is swept off her feet by a shining nfl quarterback
    anne-marie is a dancer with a degree from the northern school of contemporary dance
    anne-marie is a consultant with the one umbrella team based in our rapidly growing melbourne office
    anne-marie is the founder of sun power yoga
    anne-marie is a msc in environmental sciences of uqam where she worked on socio
    anne-marie is an accomplished guitar player and can also be heard frequently in solo acoustic settings
    anne-marie is a little shy
    anne-marie is an entrepreneur who has owned and managed a computer store and restaurants as well as successfully completing several publishing projects
    anne-marie is a natural born teacher
    anne-marie is a visiting researcher at berkeley in the auditory perception lab

    but these kind of concerned me
    anne-marie is sadly missed by her parents michelle and marc and her little sister chantale age 3
    anne-marie is available for hotel visits only

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  11. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    Damn Chronicles of Amber:

    bleys is indeed alive but deeply unconscious - martini anyone?

    bleys is a cynic by nature - well duh.

    bleys is well familiar with - heh heh heh...snicker

    bleys is also not usable as an mpi machine - for less than 100K

    bleys is a canadian lunatic - only on April 15th

    bleys is a big meanie - only to my kids

    bleys is a pleasant departure from the final encyclopedia - thank you

    bleys is cranky - ask Seth why...

    bleys is the one who's been successfully "dead" for the longest - ok?

    bleys is also a teacher - dishwasher, maid and chauffer.

    bleys is really being mind controlled - it was only a matter of time.

    bleys is likely to be a softie - sigh...yes.

    bleys is brilliant - definitely

    bleys is thirty - 29 but who's counting.

    bleys is returned to normal and then - she got married.

    bleys is trying to show him up - see above.

    bleys is always charming - debateable, yes, but I do try.

    Thanks for the link tablet - you made my night!

  12. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Ok it didnt know Z, maybe my alterego.

    john k... is sinds 1997 vennoot van holland consulting group
    john k... is sinds 1997 als partner verbonden aan holland consulting group
    john k... is one of those leaders who would make a big difference
    john k... is running for the us congress
    john k... is a life Um I hope so
    john k... is now on the agenda for the march 28 meeting
    john k... is both the system’s medical director and one of the two senior vice presidents
    john k... is a new jersey newspaperman and author of the road to wounded knee and alone again
    john k... is a candidate for the republican nomination for congress in the 2nd district to replace jack metcalf who is not seeking reelection
    john k... is grappling with democratic county councilman rick larsen
    john k... is the author of five non ?
  13. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Interesting :0 :0

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  14. Subdued

    Subdued Emotional Wreckage Premium Member

    Hey, i like that:))))

    subdued is that the violence of the first half isn’t lingered upon or given in as much detail as the second half
    subdued is what they want
    subdued is all
    subdued is the haunting song
    subdued is the impression of relief of the surface
    subdued is lecturing at quantico
    subdued is what we are about
    subdued is the "visited"
    subdued is my word of the day
    subdued is considered food
    subdued is better
    subdued is to create life with a stable source of objective reality
    subdued is clearly impressive
    subdued is what you're looking for
    subdued is hot
    subdued is free to any that will possesse and improve it
  15. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    Googlism for: future corpse

    Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about future corpse yet.

    Here is another for ya! ;)

    Googlism for: jonna

    jonna is assembling a library for the spy museum
    jonna is responsible for processing accounts receivables as well as accounts payables
    jonna is surprised to see not her trusted old mentor jack quincy at the helm
    jonna is an excellent young example of the kind of innovation john martin was known for
    jonna is a real wheaten girl who knows what she wants
    jonna is a vote for integrity
    jonna is a most gratious hostess and a good cook to boot
    jonna is a guidance counselor who works for us part
    jonna is creative artistically and has redesigned the wholesale golf outlet shop with mom and dad's blessing
    jonna is puppetdesigner
    jonna is a phd candidate in the english department at the university of pennsylvania
    jonna is hoping to fill include
    jonna is
    jonna is a swedish national living in sweden who speaks english
    jonna is a swedish national living in italy who speaks english
    jonna is a high school sophomore
    jonna is sure she is passionless What the hell do you mean she!?!
    jonna is able to draw from her various endeavors?program teaching
    jonna is chief executive officer of jonna companies
    jonna is an educated social worker and teacher
    jonna is a member of the clinical faculty for the university of kentucky
    jonna is an awesome competitor and a great skier so i'm happy for her today
    jonna is responsible for coordinating research exploring transitions in giftedness from grade school through young adulthood
    jonna is petitioning the state boundary commission for the change
    jonna is trying to expand jonna's country market
    jonna is another two
    jonna is an outreach worker at yap
    jonna is a doctoral student at the center for activity theory and developmental work research
    jonna is the past president of the cambria
    jonna is 175 cm and the foal is exactly 50 cm at the withers
    jonna is president & is on the board of directors of blade night manhattan
    jonna is synonymous with soul
    jonna is the horse you can take anywhere
    jonna is an awesome competitor and a great skier so i?m happy for her today
    jonna is looking forward to lively and creative online discussions
    jonna is a freetime theatreschool
    jonna is a member of a charismatic fellowship and works in a general conference baptist church
    jonna is paul stanley YES! HAHAHAHA!
    jonna is our riding school director
    jonna is the environmental outreach coordinator for prairiewoods
    jonna is a former co
    jonna is an art specialist in mukilteo school district
    jonna is a freshman at iowa central this year
    jonna is anxious to enjoy the summer catching up on her reading and going on a well
    jonna is also in the band
    jonna is into my pictures
    jonna is one of my best friends too
    jonna is a recent addition to our staff and comes to us with a history of 6 1/2 years of dental experience with the majority
    jonna is clearly the most delightful innkeeper we have met
    jonna is called to children's ministry
    jonna is sticking her tongue out between her missing front teeth
    jonna is expected to climb through the ropes for her first pro fight within the next couple of months
    jonna is 14
    jonna is the 1
    jonna is a fifth grader at walnut grove public school in walnut g rove
    jonna is training kirsten and scott in their new positions as owcn veterinarians
    jonna is a member of the samlagið art society
    jonna is a tri 3 yr old female and totte is a 1 yr old brindle male
    jonna is a very good dancer
    jonna is psyched
    jonna is a teacher for the shelby co
    jonna is a marathoner
    jonna is also president of the iowa renewable energy association which promotes the use of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies through education
    jonna is also president of the iowa renewable energy association which promotes the use of renewable energy and energy
    jonna is the newest addition to the office
    jonna is a licensed massage therapist
    jonna is often grown by small farmers
    jonna is leading the pack in an attack on the elk
    jonna is the daughter of john and donna casoli of georgetown
    jonna is a staff attorney at the oregon advocacy center and specializes in the rights of persons with disabilities
    jonna is in town
    jonna is a specialist in the cfr accounting department
    jonna is iiro kakko?s wife
    jonna is my pet angel
    jonna is a full
    jonna is holding a zambian baby girl
    jonna is 10 years old
    jonna is starting first grade this fall and figure skating
    jonna is engaged
    jonna is his job coach
    jonna is currently a band director in sherman
    jonna is a beauty
    jonna is also available by phone at 908
    jonna is 6 jaar en zit in groep 3 bij barbara
    jonna is very helpful as she runs the front desk at woodland west
    jonna is a daughter to mistily´s magic waltz from her first litter sired by mompesson playboy
    jonna is a 16 year old sophomore this year
  16. kiwirobin

    kiwirobin Premium Member

    kiwi is a protected speicies
    kiwi is a new version released
    kiwi is a fruit
    kiwi is an experience
    kiwi is file shareing at it's best
    kiwi is usuably heard an hour before dawn
    kiwi is pruned in the winter
    kiwi is not working with earlier versions
    kiwi is the best interactive experience
    kiwi is looking like a fuzzy brown egg
    kiwi is closed for maintenance
    kiwi is in need of a loving home in ca
    kiwi is "what if?"
    kiwi is a semi
    kiwi is new zealand's national icon and part of our image world
    kiwi is a real application that serves a purpose in and of itself
    kiwi is in danger
    kiwi is endemic to new zealand
    kiwi is a member of the order apterygiformes and comes in six species
    kiwi is doing better
    kiwi is now only found in the upper two
    kiwi is one obvious symbol of our culture
    kiwi is certainly an elusive subject to corner
    kiwi is a "freeware"
    kiwi is not this simple
    kiwi is one of the fundamental foundations which supports all cornerstones of
    kiwi is only found on one island in the world
    kiwi is now back
    kiwi is given free rein
    kiwi is the only bird with nostrils at the other end
    kiwi is making no ticket refunds
    kiwi is a bargain
    kiwi is a great source of magnesium
    kiwi is such a strange sight that at first glance
    kiwi is not only beautiful but
    kiwi is declining at an alarming rate of 6 per cent
    kiwi is the domain of mammals like moles
    kiwi is about a magical vibe
    kiwi is available in two models
    kiwi is chicken sized
    kiwi is a misnomer
    kiwi is ripe? a kiwi is ripe when it feels slightly soft
    kiwi is timid and quiet
    kiwi is not just a nice tasting fruit
    kiwi is non

    Gee that was fun
  17. Gravare

    Gravare Premium Member

    same here, and on mirror google, for gravare, i only got latin sites. shoulda figured, my name is latin.duh*smacks forehead*
  18. DucKid

    DucKid Premium Member

    Michael is:

    My name is Hebrew. Hebrew=Who is like God? Oh, yeah! I rock!
  19. Gravare

    Gravare Premium Member

    lol duck, your 30 pounds:lol:

    michael is £30

    well, no luck in Gravare or Kitsunegari, but i did get my name
    Googlism for: corinne

    corinne is stationed in arizona
    corinne is a very capable actress
    corinne is my little angel
    corinne is a quiet farming community located four miles west and one mile north of brigham city
    corinne is an americana artist with an arresting voice
    corinne is an
    corinne is approximately 639
    corinne is originally from montreal and has worked on hundreds of television commercials
    corinne is a yield and revenue management
    corinne is now on rove
    corinne is too much like her mother
    corinne is an associate in our moncton office where her practice focuses mainly on tax and company law
    corinne is at wci finishing a personnel report for janine
    corinne is a comedian that lives in melbourne
    corinne is wonderful
    corinne is forced to realize that the real problem she must overcome is growing up
    corinne is a quite little community and probably the least ghostly of all the semi
    corinne is inspired by the muse
    corinne is rapidly becoming one of the hottest sort after women of the next generation of australian comedians
    corinne is a must hear
    corinne is david denin's sister and they have produced 4 albums together
    corinne is a board member of the french australian chamber of commerce in sydney www
    corinne is a jazz aficionado with an exquisite ear
    corinne is puzzled with james coldness
    corinne is happy that she and james would get back together again
    corinne is still there
    corinne is a junior journalism major at oswego state and hails from israel
    corinne is a former elementary school teacher
    corinne is always friendly and takes that extra time with us to get it just right
    corinne is not in the office
    corinne is a person who seems to keep herself much to herself and to start with repels james advances on her in the bedroom
    corinne is the daughter of diane and mike bowman of royal oak
    corinne is helping patients every day at the university of maryland medical system
    corinne is een 32 jarige vrouw en dus de mamma van kyliana en xaviël
    corinne is 15

    the rest is here

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  20. pieman

    pieman Premium Member

    i am god, yeahhhh